Sunday, October 29, 2006

i started this roll with that shot.. one of these shot you usually not take because it seems nonsens to shoot at f2.0 3200iso in complete darkness on a 1/4ht on a moving subject that's 20meters far away.. but yeah i'm glad that i panned the drunken man in the distance.. i love this photo.

it was 5pm and someone nocked on my door.. i was still asleep because i went to bed at 9am.. it was bernhard.. i opened the door and cought bernhard leaving again.. then suddenly someone else popped out. it was ryan. who stayed in place for a week. of course i said yes, i felt the vibe.. lotsa gay action.

this guy.. haha i loved him. he was weird.. i got him in the perfect moment. he sayd "thank you, thank you!" nothing else.. because i took his photo :D

i wanted to shoot his wrinkles. i think he was a teacher. italian.. i guess. his whole class was in the train.. i bet the pupils loved this photo if they saw it..

hm. it's kinda hard for me to take photos of disabled people.. but then again, i don't make a difference who i shoot.. so i don't see why i should feel bad at all, i'm not making fun of it, i liked how cool this fellow seemed to me. the only problem is that people might think you make fun of them when you shoot them..

photos from the national holiday (50% of them, the medium format photos are missing atm)

i took this one of the girls. we thought they were hot.. somehow. of course they asked us for a photo.. we were the pimps on the place.

that's the photo they took: wow.. lol:


this one is for radiohat. my shot was for free though ;)

i took a photo of them. not a special one.. he asked if i try to shoot them and i replyed, too late, i allready did. she said to me that it was not right to take a picture of them without asking for their permission. i told her that i can take pictures of everyone and everything i want, except if i am in an area where it is not permitted.. it depends on the usage of the photo afterwards. she wanted my name and adress to "sue" me. i told them that it's not a problem, they'll end up in a porn magazine.. so they don't have to worry.

(can't add the medium format shots from that day atm, will print and scann them later)

i'll use this photo as an opener for a series i shot at the national holiday, called "vienniese sightseeing".. my fav shot since i'm back probably.

ryan showing how huge his...

we went inside to eat. ryan tried to get some chicks.. but he was rather unsexy eating a huge sandwich.

i found that scene intresting.


not really.. just the girl.
we went to the darkroom to had a gay threesome.. no we developed films, really... ;)

since i had the 400 loaded.. 1/30th f2.0

more panning at f2.0 1/4th. still the 400iso tri-x.

that's ryan at a 1/4th shutter. he looks even sexier. we ended up eating a hot dog every night between 2 and 5am in that bar called "kiosk". beside ourselfs, we met some other celebs there.

shooting iso400 in the nightbus asks for the 1/8th.. lol

this one is for ryan. she was so unbelievably emo.. i could have shit my pants.. crying all her mascara, the little goth girl with her goth friends.. she seemed to share her love with both.. very strange couple.. ehrm threesome.. whatever.

nappy nap.

last shot of my quick gay affair, ryan. taken with m6 and 580ex bounced on wall, 5.6 1/45th.

the end !


Suzan said...

Damn, Sev, you don't sit still! What a shitload of photos you must've processed recently!
Some gems amongst them, as always. Totally love the photograph of the tiny old woman, en profil. And the sequence of the sueing couple. Hahaha, great porn shots.
And the panning shots look qite awesome too. And just, waaah! I'm awestruck.

Gonzale said...

yeah. great shots. :D ahah.

Thomas said...

You don't just stop do you, jesus fuck. Nice series, as always.

What mf do you use?

apixx said...

du wirst echt immer ärger.
Ich meine 1/4 ... fuck you :D

Alexandra said...

Just discovered your blog. And work. Beautiful. Really.

Miauzz said...

photos. photos. photos. :D this post was fantastic!

Ryan Marr said...

I really can turn any straight man gay.

mikko said...

love some of those panned shots and the one of the old white-bearded bloke.

great stuff.

adamkozlowski said...

Sev, did i told you lately that i love You? Man... Even though you don't care and even though you're so far away, you're teaching me more about photography than anyone so far. And i mean it, dude.

I'm gonna get my stuff scanned soon, so far i'm too busy with my students and science work. I have to sleep at nights, unlike you ;)

Jay Gannon said...

You got banned....AGAIN????

Joona Raevuori said...

nice ones sev, i see you have the same camera that i have, the eos1 or is the one yours the eos1n?
cant see that sharp cause im a bit drunk. again.
anyway, im not sure if it was you who took a trip around the europe and went to finland as well? you might as well not be but anyway in case you are, wheres all the photo? (im finnish).
umm, what else. really good work there, pal. awesome. i need to get a small ish camera such as a rangefinder so i can take it with me all the time, the eos1 is rather big and not really comfortable to carry around the town... :(
im all broke, though. :(
aye, wanna see my blog?
yup. found you from Chris journal entry on dA, might have come across with your work before over there though.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i don't see any of them :(

Anonymous said...

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