Thursday, October 05, 2006

recent neg-scans.

studies started again. most of the photoclass students went to the next cafe, where 90% had "early grey" with a shot of milk. 6 in a row.

first the public transport photos. f2.0 1/15th apx100

train got stuck several times. it got filled more and more each station. this photo was taken during a stop in between two stations, leaning to the left. people got pissed. i was lucky enough to be on the end of the cabin. so i stood on the seat and took this shot. unfortunately i only had a apx100 with me. so the exposure was 1/15th with f2.0, which seemd to work out in the end.. glad it did.

train was still stanging. saw this right in front of the window.. haha

photo on a roll i started back in may. taken with 24mm f2.0 1/8th tmax100 slr !

now to some street:

4 recruits having a kebap

i could kill myslef for not including the babies in the frame.. but the photo is nice though

took this one because of the skull ;)
calling pantene pro-v that their product sucks, maybe..

the END!


zach said...

this is the highest quality and the most frequently updated photoblog. you are the devil, congratulations, devil.

smkblog said...

"this is the highest quality and the most frequently updated photoblog"

you think so ?

i was rather unsure to post it, because i felt it sucked this time.


glad you like it though. a few shots are fine with me too though

artis said...

yet again you don't dissapoint, yet again a true pleasure to appreciate your photos. damn, your'e so good!
it feels like the photos got more positive now somehow, they even made me smile! I like the way you make them seem kinda 'funny' in a sense of 'interesting' at the same time not capturing people to later laugh about them. good taste of humour! what differs this from other posts is that in these shots there are more eye-contact, I think.

anyway, here are my picks:
this one kinda reminds me of Truelood's shot:

Suzan said...

You stood on the seat? Haha! I'm highly amused by the different facial expressions there.
Love the one with the guy with the gross hair and dog!

Gonzale said...

man.. the shot of the old lady in the escalator... "thumsup".
and the "admiral" one :D

good entry once again :)

zach said...

perhaps not necessarily this post in particular, severin, though there are several very fair shots.

bloody active and consistently impressive; it is a pleasure.

Christian said...

immer wieder eine große freude deine fotos zu sehen!

du hast es geschafft lachende menschen in einem öffentlichen verkehrsmittel zu fotografieren! gratuliere :)

sealette said...

the lady with the shadow the size of a cow is fanatastic.

Arthur said...

I wish I was one of the tea drinkers... Didn't happen, though. But thanks again!
Another nice series you're showing here, cool blog! My fav out of the latest pics is "Admiral" I think.

Luke Neher said...

Okay, i actually smiled and laughed when i saw that train shot, their expressions are great. Now a photo, has never made me smile and laugh before (well cept ones of cats with funny faces) so you get major props, and, yeah, awesome street photography there pal. Soon highschool exams will be over and i will have the entire summer to street shoot, rockin....

Tanya said...

Haha the comment about pantene made me laugh out loud.
Standing on a train seat to photograph a packed train is pretty courageous in my opinion. Good stuff.

foig said...

Adore the old lady going up the escalator, and the last frame is a cracker also, so much atmopshere!!

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