Sunday, October 08, 2006

a break of submitting till november. maybe some digital images when i'll be in paris !

enjoy my latest negscan. the only i have of this film at the moment.

i want to thank for the active watchers here. i'm reading all comments and want to thank each of you. it seems that in this blog, nobody is typing useless information, what i really enjoy and appreciate !

wish me luck for the upcoming projects. next entry when i'm in paris !


Darin said...

Good luck with the projects. I'll be looking forward to seeing your high-speed c41 color stuff from the dam project. Sounds like a great idea for essay.

foig said...

Have fun! Good shot too, reminds me of myself on public transport, always falling asleep!

Kira said...

At first glance i thought the guy was wearing a huge hat!

You've managed to beautifully capture and to isolate a private moment in such a crowdy public space.

Have the best time in Paris!

Tarsh said...

Travel safe.

Dila said...

Good luck dear Severin. I am sure lovely city such as Paris would inspire you more than anyone.

:) cheers.

skepp said...

hey, happy traveling man :)

love your work!

apixx said...

na dann viel spaß in der stadt der liebe :)

echt geiles "letztes" foto! passt super zu dem lied was ich gerade höre "Songbird" von Oasis.

also bis dann!

sealette said...

bon voyage!

i will miss your furiously prolific uploading in the meantime

Mikkel Tscherning said...

Paris is truly a wonderful place, enjoy yourself, and the best of luck!

Suzan said...

Now that's a freaking cute photo.
Good luck with your projects. I hope to see you in Paris :)

marius said...

great late nite-pictures.

if there was a leica mastermind competition- i would nominate you.

great discussion on stock-shit on DA by the way.

je taime paris:D