Monday, October 02, 2006

developed some b/ws last night. here the scans:

went to a birthdayparty

the birthday-kid in all it's glory

we went outside, to share the special cigarette ;)

i was wearing a skirt that night. loving the m-finger of our birthdaykid in the background. shot taken by linus the gorgeous bitch


artis said...

great shots again.. but... the last one is the best!!! :D in december I'll be in Vienna, we should meet. definetly. ;) LOL

Matt said...

Skirt really suits you man!


Great shots, as usual!

thomas said...

hot dog = heisse wurst


heißer hund wär auch lecker.

schicke fotos, wie immer!

Austin Tanney said...

Excellent work as always
I've just added you to my own "blogroll"

PaulW said...

really nice shots,
the "i'm a little teapot" pose in the last pic is nice,
made better by the skirt and tights,

looked like a great night though

Suzan said...

Hot outfit!
I very much enjoyed the photo of the old people on the street and in the window chatting. Oh and the one of the girl on the map. Some nice selection again, always enjoy them. Cheers.

Miauzz said...

you look so hot with the skirt on... i wonder you do you look with skirt... off! :D

btw, this one is fantastic:

Terry said...

Awesome man, I really enjoy all your stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

April May said...

Please tell me you wore that skirt in the subway!

swelements said...

fantastische streetshots diesmal. großes lob!

Gonzale said...

my favors go to these two :

i wish i could do clickable links.

tobi cut his hair :O i can't believe it :O

that lady in the tram that you shot.. you were pretty damn close ..

the shots of miriam are lovely :)

and i'll add up my comment about you looking fantastic-daaahhlin' in that dress. :P

smkblog said...

i was wearing it from home to subway to cafe and on the street.. how else ;)

no taxi :D

Linus said...

ha, und ich hab schon angst gehabt ich könnte in meinem zustand kein ruhiges händchen mehr haben...

ist echt gut geworden vorallem mit dem tobi im hintergrund seinen mittelfinger zeigend (:

die bauarbeiter sind klasse

markus said...

großartiger eintrag.
und sehr viel respekt für die sache mit dem rock! :F

Anonymous said...

I would buy a print of that one with the builders on the scaffolding

Anonymous said...

oh wen sehe ich denn da? .. ich kenne hier sogar ein paar leute. fallus und rechts unten felix - kann das sein?

Dila said...

Wonderful photos. A great talent!
But the last one; you with fishnet stockings and a skirt...

=) quite fashionable eh?

Anonymous said...

echt genial:
die frau mim billasackerl und die bauarbeiter.
ganz ganz doll.

experimentalSushi said...

tschuldigung mal.... auf dieser party, da is ein typ, der schaut aus als wär er christopf faltus... is ers?
unpackbar, wie die hütteldorfer sagen O.o
und noch so einer, is der mit den penzinger pfadfindern verbandelt? gross, dunkel,... tobi?

experimentalSushi said...

... und babsi und david!
HAH! ich kenn deine freunde : )