Thursday, August 14, 2008

we were driving to another family reunion.

my sister making sure i'm listening 
 miriam with the "evidence" of sleep on her face

my mother with a softgun

because i didn't manage to develope the films in the correct order, i seperated this post in parts.
now to some good ol' street.
he asked about the camera.. too bad it was the very first frame
that day i almost felt like this fella
first district tourists
german tourists
grumpy vienniese policeman with oversized icecream
someone must have been a real trent reznor fan
aspiring artist
analysing his artwork
austrian role model(s)
lazy scooters
umm... clash of generations ?
it's all about imagination.
dog watching TV
"und der hunger ist geggessen" 
austrias answer to the rolling stones
the devil soon touring through vienna ?
and this is what we call a layererd photograph ?
lost and found?
lost ?
a japanese couple (i assume) canon 1d and 5d body with L glass.. you'd probably never see any couple from europe like that. that's what i call "good equipped"
individualism is overrated !
a little barbeque.. yum that was nice.
a bottle can say so much.

always a challenge making a self in that mirror
i like the dude who seems to sit in the wall.
now to some portraits.
trying to split the table with arguments ?
didn't work.
frisch aus dem kroatischen solarium.
don't ask.  simply accept. it's art.
bianca. haven't seen her since years. she also modeled for my ballerina shot.
lorant wondering if the bottle can keep up with the 85/1.2L !
romy schneider from lesbos.
this frame reminds me of the organic part of negatives...
could i release any less mean ?
she heard about my mean photographs
miriam asking herself where she lost her hair again?
emanuel and the chocolate factory
don't ask. accept. it's genius vorarlbergerisch' advertisement.
men and vehicles..
emanuel learning italian.
we've been to the old danube a few times lately.
tobi and lorant working hard on their cancer.
she prefferes other sticks.
an old danube grace.
marius waiting for his bread dumplings with eggs, full of good old salmonellae..
ATV interviewing a moleboy. looks like another very sophisticated and captivating documentation of austria's quality channel.
Man(n)fred: Do they have my favourite strawberry protein-shake ?
Reinhart: Dunno, can read ?
fallen angel
Kosename für Vater.. hmm.. Vier Buchstaben.. 
we forgot the fork.


Anonymous said...

der regenschirm ist arg wild scharf

Hanno W said...

ganz großartig !

toller blog, tolle fotos !

Anonymous said...

Always consistently amazing.

I got an M6 last week, and you were a big influence in that choice - one of these days I'll try to get up to your level of consistent quality.

I'm wondering - what lens was post this mostly shot with? what film?


Batzy said...

amazing,i like that all those photos are different but the all look "personal"

severin said...

i only shoot with my 35/2 suimmicron second generation. it's small, very small actually, sharp and quick and accurate when it comes to focusing and aperture.

films i used: daylight kodak plus-x 125, evening kodak trix and night (mainly in the pub) neopan 1600

marius said...

please start shooting some crappy frames like the rest of us.

you suck!


Lorant said...


in zeh inglisch: "twerp rider"

Anonymous said...

ein superblog mit super fotos drinnen. :) :) danke fürs zeigen!
schöne grüße haemma

Yama said...

some CC please, if you dont mind :]
(yes, i am now an LJ fag, my gf converted me)

Mathew said...

Great photos! I really like the images you take, even the candid photos of familiy and friends are really awesome!

Great job on the site. Though it takes a while to load the images, but it's all good.

wherestigran said...

I love your shit! the casino series is beautiful, i wish you did more color