Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the following entry won't be anything special, i wasn't really focusing on photography lately because i was working on my website that is finally online ! would appreciate your opinion about it !

starting with trix:

a friend staying over in vienna.

this shot is pretty vienniese i'd say.

no need to comment this ad.

people dancing at the market.

at raffi's

these cookies...

now to plusx:

"oldschool porn". it's art now ;)

lost in vienna

a barefoot party

man buying medicine for somoene in the family. i just heard "yeah, she feels sick ..puking"

i had a total hangover of the night before. so i was walking around shooting some street, then went back home again.

that reminded me of the night before ;)

some people think this dog is cute, well some also think these glasses are cool...

found a very washed out newspaper. something for a darkroom print i think.

now efke25:

f2.0 1/2 second (in a pub) handheld.. seriously sick sharp frame considering the exposure time.

it's a joke i can't really translate in one sentence.

die freude an der arbeit !

cafe blaustern. i think the reflection in the back really makes the shot.

one of the most famous hotdogstands in vienna.

at the station. something for a big print. you can clearly see the leopard-bra on the highres scan.. 25asa is pretty sick.

a perfect day to wear all in black and leather !

left is kip from hawaii, me in the middle and lorant to the right.

i wish i had a midifile to this photo.

inside the supermarket. a guy wearing a jeans saying "i'd do anything for a fuck" on the left and "fuck you you fucking fuck" on the right.. seriously WTF?

f2 1/15. 25asa really are a pain in the ass sometimes

gigolo not being amused about being photographed. i bet he'd like the shot.

kip in the MQ

lorant still having a hangover

one plus two makes...

switching to trix here. a roll from hawaii ! ;)

the magician behind the bar !

playing pool till the morning

walking home at 6:30am.. crossing these pigeons.

seems reliable to me.

her shirt said something like "reconstructing the authentic couples.." whatever that meant.. made me take this shot.

it was just a matter of time ;)

girls talk

i know it's stupid.. but when i see a moment like this i can't just not release..

a squirrel jumping from one tree to another.

at my place (not decorated yet)

at the darkroom. had a frame left on the roll..


Florian said...

Die Webseite ist klasse geworden, da sieht man auch endlich mal wieder Deine "anderen" Bilder die es nicht ins Blog schaffen. Sehr schönes Layout und noch interessantere Bilder!

Yama said...

oh hai kip :D

Hanno W said...


wie klassisch !


Tanya said...

Some of these shots really made me laugh.
As for your site, I've just had a look at the army section and it's brilliant. I don't remember reading all that stuff in your blog entry, but you've put the words and pics together really well. Love it.
Haven't seen the rest of the site yet.

miri o'connor said...

gute von der schwester!
und mich hab ich lustigerweise erst auf den 2. blick erkannt. o mann.
ich mag den gigolo im sunlight und mr morgen* beim billard. und noch einige andere, über die ich mein wohlgefallen aber schon im preview geäußert habe :P

ozgur aydogdu said...

congrats on your website, very nice. saw many shots for the first time.

Christopher said...

Congrats on the site. I like what you wrote before each series; I'd like to see more of that.

shashank said...

Nice site...the delay could be reduced a bit.

Found these spelling mistakes

the first and last time the drill master *ever* asked me to take a photo

Instead of using disinfection spray *for* cleaning

Anonymous said...

The website is wonderful, at the same time personal and professional. Original, interesting. The only one such a beauty in the Internet! U R my dark knight! ;>

Batzy said...

Your website is very "sober" all the photos in there are great, the army series is is amazing, they look like scenes from a movie.

Chris said...

echt schöne homepage!
Die photoserien sind wahnsinnig toll!

Echt gut geworden!

rHytHm123 said...

wonder images. i really like the ones of miriam on the trolley. was that a 35 cron wide open?

miriam is beautiful as always, take care!

QuinTor said...

mmmmm oh yes schiele

Kip Keston said...

I need to spend more time in Vienna... Half a day was way too short!

artis said...

hallo there.
at first, I thought the website should be made with quicker transactions between the images, option to jump over images via thumbnails, a dedicated id page representing your photographystyle so your clients know what this guy is up to and what can we expect etc. you know.

but I realized that's not exactly what you're after with this. a commercial photographer's page must meet the above mentioned requirements, but seems that its not exactly where youre aiming I guess.
it's more like an overview of what you are as an 'artist'. and faded transactions kinda slows you down and refrains you from consuming imagenary in enormous amounts like we are used to do nowadays.. the first thing I liked a lot was that you took a time and wrote down some general comments for each section - kinda ads a personal touch.

sure, perhaps navigation could be improved, so one can move around with arrow keys or clickin on one or another side of the photo but that's just details..

good luck!

Laurent said...

Hi there, I was waiting for the website so far as it enables us to have a look at your professionnal side. I think it's great, you put good words and good presentation with the photos and the whole overview is simple but efficient. It's not boring as some photographer's portfolios can be, so that's a good point to my mind. Keep up the good work

Adriana said...

Your website looks great. Very professional. I'm enjoying it as it is. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your photography! Always enjoyed the quality but mostly the honesty of it. Great work!

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