Thursday, November 01, 2007

süßes sonst gibst saures !

happy helloween.

halloween is not an european thing. but it's always good to get drunk or high with a justification..

so there was this party last night. pretty much fun going on. i went there right after a new model army concert, which was absolutely great, as expected.. so that's mainly the reason why i didn't have a costume.

there was a make-up station for those who didn't have anything at all.

they got skulls, hearts and other cute stuff on their cheeks (face cheeks)...

i arrived at half past midnight. it was damn stuffed that time, they even ran out of beer glasses.

heya !

i had to get drunk quickly. cheers to my french friend !

(i had to drink beer from a coke glass)

inspired by suzi9mm ?

pretty girls

and not so pretty boys

the boss/barkeeper at the bar, opening the official "happy-halloween-stolichnaya-vodka-hour".. which meant 3 bottles of stolichnaya for free for everyone who was wearing a costume.

we tried to open the first with a paper chainsaw. seemed to work.

he wasn't dressed fancy.. but i called him "mr.fertig" which means something like "mr.finished" he was definately finished ;)

besma was a schnucki. how to translate this ? sweety ? something like that.

she left. so she got photographed

ordering that day was pretty much a challenge.. haha.

there were these weapons everywhere.

one of those "comissioned" photos ;)

it didn't take long until i got served with vodka, vodka and more vodka.. nastrovje !

funny guy !

ciao babsy ! i got a real big kiss on my right cheek.. so that i had at least some sort of make-up. lovely.

michl doesn't need a costume.. ha.

so the first bottle was done. here comes the next !

leonie being a bit shocked ? maybe the glass was too full ?

and his was too empty ?

so they made a compromise. i think the one on the left is being a bit sad that they shared the vodka and he had to drink the whole shit.

that's probably why it took him a bit longer to empty the glass.

leonie wasn't too pleased. the one on the right isn't sure yet if he should like it or not, and the one on the left is still having problems to drink the russian water..

but in the end, they're all agreeing about the situation.

alcohol, cameras, cigaretts.. all you need for a party.

seems like he didn't want more stoly ?

it was rather common that guests had to carry the tablets themselfs... nothing happened, how lucky ;)

my biggest mistake that evening, was that i've pissed into a jammed urinal. ok. i wasn't the first and only one that night.. but still that was pretty gross.

more vodka. stoly is good stuff though. i never have a hangover when i drink it.

behind the "bar"

like i said self-service.. aka help yourself

one more member of the morgenstern-family.

would you order from this guy ?

sure !!!!

but i wouldn't dare to oder from her..

aww. beer coaster romanticism. a heart for the sweetheart.

whatever !

he was the guy with the "water".. he always offered me the good liquid.. in the end, he offered too many to himself.

after a little nap he was fresh as a newborn !

a real cetics fan ?

the left urinal was not used anymore.. (hopefully)

table dancing ? ok. i took a photo and left. the one in the back wasn't really pleased.

and it got late. i think something between 4 and 5.

but people still had the balls to make such photos !

the first lady and the napping "waterman".

and the lorant !

didn't know who he was.. but he joined at 4am or something.

we found some make up. kinda made me think of the army. that was the last time i used to paint my face in brown shit.

lorant and leonie later shared the camera for a while.. i took a rest.. i was pretty fucked after a great rock concert with moshpit and all that and hours of partying.

i tried to paint a dick urinating into his mouth.. but i was too drunk.

but you're never too drunk to pose...

he wasn't too pleased about the art in his face and on his hands.

more beeeeer !!

so at 5am the toilet was covered in urine, water, dirt, alcohol... if you feel sick by looking at this image, you're completely normal...

the boss getting seriously wasted too..

i took a little nap.

but i was in good hands, j/k.

last still lifes. i was about to leave.

one of the last men standing.. or better last man leaning.

one last round saying goodbye to the first morgenstern lady.

then on my way home, i fell asleep in the bus. got kicked out endstation. took a tram, felt asleep again... and somewhere between 7 and 8am got to bed.

woke up, had a look in the mirror.

then i realized why people gave me funny faces in the public transport... a guy looking like shit, with a 5d and flash around his neck, sleeping, probably smelling like a bum....

anyway. that's the halloween spirit.


flipo said...

ick will och wieder ins morgenstern!

Tanya said...

Haha that last shot of you is just classic."> <--it's funky how one pupil is larger than the other.. obviously because of the light, but still, funky!

Anonymous said...

hi, i found the link to your blog from chris weeks' uber page. just wanted to say these pictures are very cool, could you tell me what lens you used? and what kind of flash?

thank you,
Marta =)

smkblog said...

canon 5D in combination with canon EF USM 20mm/2.8 lens always wide open, at 1600iso 1/30th (manual setting) with 580EXII flash without diffuser, direct.

glad you enjoyed

E said...

Hehe, just wonderfull xD

Suzan said...

This frame is cool!

theReddish said...

wie isn das 20er...bokeh schaut ja net immer gut aus wie es scheint!

colin loughlin said...

All Hallows Eve originated in Ireland, so I guess it is a European thing... I just learned this today, who knew? Like the pictures.

chris said...

schaut nach einem lustigen abend aus.
auf dem letzten foto siehts aus als wärst du verprügelt worden...

artis said...

seems like a pretty wild night.

seriously, I wonder where you get all the energy to get up the next day to process the shots and write a blog.. I'd still feel wasted for two days! guess it's called a professionalism, that comes with practice..
ah, and you already know that - best photos when drunk!!

mahomo said...

entertaining as ever, mine was similar except that i was trying to stay out of the toilet after eating a jalepino pizza earlier on :D

pHeela said...

Amazing. Thanks for makin these grey days colorful. It will take me some time to get dir of that laugh u caused, especially with the end. The "still lives" killed me. Next time im in Wien I gotta hit that Morgenstern place. Each of your entries makes it more and more legendary. U lucky to wake up with the 5d still on your nexk. Would not be there anymore here, in Czech. Im pretty sure...

Lu said...

Welch Glück, dass ich auf Deinen Blog gestoßen bin, zu so später Stunde.
Die Fotos sind wirklich genial geworden, wow!

Das letzte Foto von Dir ist auch super, ich konnte es mir nicht nehmen lassen und habe es ein wenig vergrößert - Du hast auffällig schöne Augen.

So viel dazu, wir kennen uns ja nicht ;-)
Vielleicht schaue ich hier mal öfter vorbei ...

Greetz! :D

Pekka said...

Haha! My roommate prolly thinks I'm weird as I seemingly laugh alone... well frankly that's what I do but the series was great. Especially the last one. You sure look like shit.

This day was pure shit but thanks for brightening it. :D

Clayton said...

this is the type of photography I do numerous time a week (! did you have fun with it? a bit of a change from your usual film stuff, but still good. I recently got a 5D myself so my setup is very similar, though I am usually shooting with an 18-40mm/f4 and will usually drag my shutter a lot more than you were doing here. how is the 20mm? I am in the market for a wide/fast prime.


Jay Cam said...

what a party!
toga! lol

Ana M Angel said...

there are some really really awesome shots here sev.. lol looks like u had a nice time.....
priceless the last image tho.. priceless look

zach said...

very good and well, but how about you walk across a fucking street once and awhile?

just kidding.
or am i?

Ricardo Jorge Carvalho said...

that 5D is an hell of a camera, i'm looking for one too.. nice shots you did here!