Monday, October 29, 2007

the first couple of photos were taken with the 5d. i actually have two colour film rolls i haven't scanned yet, because my nikon coolscan seriously "spits" them out again without sending any sort of error message.. this pretty much sucks big time i'd say... so i dunno when i'll be able to scan c41-films again.. at least it scans b/w.

the photos look crap, because i forgot to proof them in ps. so i was ignoring the colour profile.. and now i'm way too lazy to re-edit them. so you'll have to live with it.

testing 3200iso here.

pure candlelight. intresting how this camera handles it.

bought 4 rolls of trix. didn't have money for more. have shot 3 of them already. i have no money at all right now.. which means i'm having one more roll of trix left for the next, lets say whole week.

found this somehow weird: closed until .............

how did the cake taste ? taken in complete darkeness.

besma and lorant trying to download some mp3s with mac. a very tricky operation, who'd imagine this nowadays ?

"lorant. thanks for fucking up my photo" is what i said right after taking it... and here is the result.

the most popular emopose i think. somewhat childish and retarded at the same time.. like "i'm so emotional that my knees give in because of the imense heaviness of my feelings" or "i'm easy to get, wanna fuck ?"

actually. it's sad.

went to a place called donau.

they have some nice toilet there.

the evening went on in the morgenstern.

i met a recruit who had NOT to stay the whole day on friday and saturday (holidays) at heldenplatz to "celebrate" austrias "netrality"... an austrian thing...

well i had to... so we both had a reason to drink. he because he had free next day and me because i had to work for the army the next two days. i think he had the better start position ;)

so i went to bed at 3:45am writing paul (our commandant) a sms saying "i'm going to bed now, you know what this means.."

so he called me at 6:15 to get me out of the bed saying "move your fucking ass to heldenplatz!"...

i was there at 7:30 one hour late... but nobody cared... i was fucking drunk.. :D

everyone was sprouting of motivation !

but i was still drunk as shit..

later we got our orders. everyone received a metal stick to watch... greeeeeeat !

this turned out to be so boring that 3 of us escaped to McDonnalds to have a burger and a beer.. to refresh our alcohol content.

cheers !

the thought to drink a beer at mcdonnalds during military comission on THE militray holiday is kinda great.. it was fun !

since we all had not much sleep we decided to have a little nap until the manager advised us not to sleep all over the table and benches...

there were geman soldierst too... also with a camera.

these two struggled against the wind.

*cought in the act* we were actually not allowed to consume outside our army tent... how laughable..

there were anti-military demonstrators too.. funny guys.

the police joined. i love the moment i cought.

everyone had great fun, including myself in uniform.. hah.

a couple of viennies people looking for the tanks aka "wo san denn die pansa?" ;)

he took a photo of me, because i was a soldier with a camera around the neck, an old grandpa camera.. yo know... so i gave him the pleasure back.

since it was cold and we were standing around doing stupid things because we were ordered to.. we felt a bit cold after a while.

so by instinct we found a tent that was heaten by this skin/tube.. we stayed there for a while until our shoes almost melted..

the pope honoured us. he looks like the imperator of star wars to me. not a good sign if you ask me... but who cares about a little austrian's opinion ;)

my recruits with their attached metal barrier sticks. how stupid.

he loves austria.

look who joined the spectacle

careful !

more typical people.

i stoped taking photos at some point because we started to clear up the whole mess which wasn't funny... as you can see in his face.

we started at 6:30 and came home at 24 o'clock... it was pretty much work, pretty much unnecessairy.. but who cares. day one was over.

since it got so late. rekr. traxler had to sleep at my place. there was no transport going to his home anymore... haha.

next day.

"thank you austrian army". this photo says it all..

"coke zero" "motivation zero"..

this shows all austrian armys pride. how ironic.

it was his free day. he visited us to watch us working.. he even thought that's cool... he's our casanova, remember ? rekr. roggenhofer.

some french speaking girls wanted to take a photo with us. i had to take one for us too... soldiers still seem to attract girls and women.. what a cliche. we're all losers in green.. i tell you !

the leftovers of a tent and the leftovers of a soldier after two days and nights of work.

some still didn't lose their humor ?

traxler and i at least were motivated, because major "something" allowed us two to take a ride with the black hawk... that was nice.. damn nice.

we started somewhere after 2pm. here you can see the other black hawk still on the ground.

flying a "sightseeing tour" over vienna was a great experience.. definately once in a lifetime thing.

the other hawk was pretty close.

here is the proof ! i was in there ;)

not really comfortable, but that makes it in the end.

one last for the archive.

bye :)


deine mitbewohnerin im geiste said...

der roggenhofer.. dem würd ich ja gern einen stiletto zwischen die storchenbeine rammen.
und: "i'm so emotional that my knees give in because of the imense heaviness of my feelings" haha
und wo sin denn die pansa?
netter eintrag koller

Tanya said...

I continue to enjoy your army shots! This rocks:

flipo said...

Du müsstest doch jetzt langsam mal fertig sein !
Trotzdem wiedermal ein sehr wilder eintrag und großartige story :P
Was hast schon wieder mit deiner ganze kohle angestellt ?

Tina said...

your photos of sleeping soldiers should really be used in the army recruitment...

Ryan Marr said...

It looks like you spent the day a little differently than last year:

I like this frame a lot:

Gonzale said...

lots of good frames in there, i love the last one... heh. it mustve been something.
the whole thing.

kipkeston said...

great shots, amazing tones, tri-x is the best. That photo of you in the morning looks so strange. Did I mention gorgeous tones? I love it. Is Bernhard rocking zeiss glass?

miauzz said...

Arent you supposed to shave in the army? Specially for a public event? :P

Good photos, once again. I was a bit bored with the army shoots, but i like your last 2 entrys.

luke neher said...

See severin know's his stuff:
The only problem with the well fitting shirt is if it's hot, you can expect sweat patches.
that's my input, awesome exposures here. And amazing moments.

Ana M Angel said...

hey great post. good to hear about what ur doing.
this image rocks.. seriously a wonderful image, framed perfectly

chris said...

ein blog vollgepackt mit bildern sinnvoller betätigungen...wie schön. ich war zufällig am fr am heldenplatz. da hätten wir ein devmeet machen können. suzie006 und supersonnig85 waren nämlich auch da.

Noons said...

try "recalibrate" the scanner: I've had good results with that when my 9000 goes south on me.

Awesome shots, as usual.

wäsche meister =) said...

danke für die fotos... war ne furchtbare und zugleich geile zeit. danke.