Saturday, March 17, 2007

just a roll of trix. exposed on 2000asa, developed 17:30min 20C° xtol 1:1 3xmoving/30seconds.

yay my first photo i've taken with glasses on ! works okay with 35mm framelines.

and here my second. almost crewdsonish.

tobi playing with my glasses.

we played a game called "siedler von catan" aka "sandler von kasachstan" aka "saubären von kirgistan"

been to the biggest flea market place by accident.

people seeking for gold in between the left overs of the flea market.

there was no such thing as light.. i needed 6400asa at least.

"there is wacos out there". i'm agreeing there.

here is one !

two ladies, smuggling cocaine in a mickey mouse fluffy.

a nice self aka "your face is trapped in an wormhole". cheers to travis !

a young lady reading the newspaper. on weekends you can just grab them for free.. if you're brave enough.

by the way. we developed a trix exposed on 3200 asa for 24min at 21C° in xtol 1:1.. just so you know, it worked somehow.. yeah. so if you want to push your trix 3 steps, don't fear developing for 25min and moving every 45seconds 2-3times....

the official time for trix@3200 is 15:30min at 20C°.. if you prefer that ! ;)


Adam said...

ive never pushed tri-x any yet, never out when its that dark, guess ill find out one day

Luke Neher said...

i tried using digital truth times for 1600 trix, like 13 mins or something. Thanks but no thanks!
It was absolutely crap! I had some nice midtones, and great highlight detail, but literally no shadows, just, black, anything more than a stop below middle grey, black!
anyway, ill know from now on.

sebastian said...

was du mittlerweile mit deinen filmen machst entzieht sich bei mir jedem verständnis.

schicke brille ;). die reflektion gefällt mir gut, ein punkt ist genau in m's auge, wirkt als ob das auge künstlich wär.

travis blanston said...

hah, dude. you figured me out. the vortex asks for a 50mm, though. ;)

stelios said...

up till now I always shot and developed my TriXs at 3200. with the standard Kodak time. Can't say I had the best results. But they were ok. Was havin hard time printing them. lately I started shooting them on 2400 (after reading your blogs) I think they turned out ok. then again TriX has really wide latitude. I've tried some tests but they got kinda fucked up on development (my fault) so I guess I'll run them again. Ever checked your cameras meter?

travis blanston said...

don't you guys expose all b/w films at 0.5-1.0 stops over?

i mean, usually metering without compensation will be an ok exposure except for shooting people. skintones will always look grey when accurately metered because skin is not truly white.

sev said...

@stelios. xtol times for trix aboce 800iso are incorrect. i don't want to develope my films "correct" for kodak but for my usage.

i want good tones, therefor i need to print between grad 2 and 3.. not 5.

if you expose a trix on 3200 and develope it 15:30 your negatives are horribly underexposed.. that's it. period.

@travis.. i bet you're kidding. but if not.. it may be your taste.. but skintones are skintones and i don't want to make everyone look like a zombie, right ?

miriam for instance has very bright skintones.. so on a print it will be light grey.. but when i shoot dark skinned people, i'd have to expose +2 stops to make them look like miriams skintones..

correct metering isn't white skintones, but normal, nice ones.. ;)

fabian (once-keen) said...

shüttelst du die anfänglichen 30 sekunden?

und willst du mir vllt deine msn adresse geben? hätte ein paar fragen...

simonbw said...

schöne fotos.. das wurmloch fasziniert mich auch jedes mal beim vorbeigehn :D