Friday, March 16, 2007

if you wonder how i order my phots in the blog. i submit them chronological.

the last plusx i had in stock:

the imperator !

it seems high on something

which one would you choose if you had to ?

it says you have a free wish if you see one of these. so i had 3 free wishes then, right ?. want to print this one for tones and detail.

having a nap. it says "air conditioned" above the BLAGUSS. i metered and added a step because of the toned glass of the bus.

yawning and eating. best images, i tell you.

very vienniese couple.

i passed them, thought a second about the scene, decided to turn around.. and then i realized that it has been much easier to take photos with the sun not against it.. turned out okay.. but i just loved the scene.. as i realized the third fifth baby coming across, i had to release.

took this one by guessing.. i just walked by.. turned out better than i would have imagined.

MQ at its finest ;)

plus x at its finest ! f2.0 1/8th. there is no way i'd choose ilford over kodak. plus x and tri x are with no doubt the best two b/w films for me and my photos.

here a trix. exposed on 3200. developed 21min @ 20C° moving 3times every 30seconds. didn't turn out nice. actually horrible for my standards.. i really wonder why a trix exposed up to 2400iso looks great but on 3200 loses so much quality.

met my uncle by chance.. it's funny. humans are like dogs. you just need to call a certain name and they turn around.

now that's contrast. a bit too much for that "abused" trix.

now something else. a few steps down, 8 to be accurate. an apx100 exposed on 25asa and developed on 25.

i love that you can shoot at f2.8, even in brightest sunlight.

mrs. overdressed passed by.

25asa can be a real pain in the ass though.. this bus was parking in the shadow and had toned glass.. so i had f2.0 1/30th on a sunny day... kinda extreme.

it's funny and typically vienniese that after winter when it turns to 15 degrees and sunlight, that everyone seems to pop out of their flats and apartements to just sit somewhere and read or just take a nap. kinda intresting how people just decide to sit on asphalt and stone. that's the city.

one of my fav frames today. will print it too.

also funny about 25asa is that you can make panningshots in bright sunlight. f16 1/15th ! ;)

techincally maybe the best photo of the roll.. tones rock and the focus too.

shooting with 25asa in the subway.. what a joke. f2.0 1/4th

sun makes sleepy.


sebastian said...

wow, das mit dem apx100 bei 25 muss ich auch mal ausprobieren. die durchzeichnung der schatten is ja echt nett.
hast du die zeiten von digitaltruth genommen um den zu entwickeln?

smkblog said...

7:30 bei 20c° auf 25asa belichtet

3mal bewegt alle 30 sekunden, 2mal dürften reichen

Adriana said...

Wow, I have a lot to learn about film. Loved the photographs. My favourite was your uncle's picture.

About the people going out to sit outside. Something similar happens here, but all the time, since the difference between winter and summer here is very low. It's very common that people here just take a seat outside and stare at the people passing by. At least it's very common in small towns and communities.

Tomé Duarte said...

your tones suck SO badly, you should let your mixed xtol rest for 24h before you process:


Adam said...

wow, great entry man!! oh and just to let you know, tmax 400 fuckin sucks, pisses me off, im only shooting with tri-x now, stupid tmax

Josh said...

In England you can make panning photos at 1/15th f/2 @ 400ISO on a sunny day.

Therefore, you suck my balls, yes? ;)

Suzan said...

I love how a city opens up when the sun starts to shine! Makes me so happy. I think the photo of the MQ is great!
The last two photos are great. I love that you actually took your time and walked around those two and snapped them from both sides, hihi.
And I really like the way you capture Miriam, just thos random expressions. Obviously she's used to the camera now and it looks so comfortable. I think that's really nice and makes for some interesting portraits which is not about "just a pretty girl".

severin said...

@tome: you could also try to let your trix rest 24h in the xtol ?

@adam: what's the problem with tmax400 ? how did you expose and how did you develope it ?

@josh: yeah england.. nice island. i've been there several times. i think only one time the sun was shining.

Anonymous said...

yesterday i went to the burggarten an d then i saw the reading tourist - mozart-guys... i thought "what a picture"... then i sat down and saw the old lady in the wheelchair in the sun... i thought "what a ..."... cool...

sev said...

and why didn't you take the photos ?
and who are you again ? ;)

James said...

I didn't know about plusx. I normally use apx100, but I'll check some out. Bringing lots of film to Vienna. Less that two weeks! Woo

Adam said...

i exposed it perfectly, i metered correctly on every frame, developed in tmax, for 6 minutes, agitating for the first 30 seconds, then every 30 seconds agitating for 5 seconds until the end of development, added, stop bath and fixer, and still it didnt come out, so i dont know what it is, but my tri-x came out perfect for some reason, weird

smkblog said...

well.. seems all good to me.
6min is pretty short time, i just don't like short times, i mean 9min is good 7:30 also good.. but 6 is quite short for a t-grain film.

maybe your developer wasnt correctly storaged.. why are the negs crap anyway ? did you print them or did you scan them ?

Adam said...

the negs came out completely dark, and the first time i developed a t grain film they came out all dark, and i developed for 8 minutes in tmax developer, i always mix a new batch every time, right out of the bottle, never re use developer, dunno what it is, everytime i develop tri-x it comes out fine, but no i didnt scan or print any of them, had to throw them away because the frames did not show up at all

stelios said...

yesterday I was thinkin about pulling the TMax 100 to 50 for the same reason (shooting 2.8 on daylight) but I didn't try it. maybe I'll do it on the apx as soon as I get a new 30m... thanx for sharing your "experiments" with us