Sunday, December 03, 2006

we organized a students party in our class on saturday.. that's the flyer we/they made.. kinda straigh.. i don't care, i enjoy the tones of that shot more than the actual flyer haha.. it was a great party though. photos from there tomorrow.

a very unique and special place in my academy. just needed to document it once.

walking home. trix+3 = w00t

found that a nice coincidence that the lighting from a glas door from the house made such a nice shadow on that car

switched to tmax3200.. just was curious about that film. scanwise, it doesn't keep up with a trix+3.. kinda weird. more mids, yeah, maybe a little better tonal range but contrast wise it's not close to the look of a trix+3. also grain seems much stronger. i will print the negs to make up my mind about that film fully, since i have only scanned the negs yet and that doesn't mean a lot sometimes..

ph yeah. ghosting fucked up my photo.. next time i'll screw off my filter first.

good ol' 1 second :D

been to an exhibition. was the only person for a while. tried to capture that mood i had.

two images where the strong grain of the tmax and the good tonal range worked well:



jw said...

Nice fella. Like the last two. Grain really suits the subject. Btw what kind of scanner you using?

adamkozlowski said...

Hmm, but isn't Trix cheaper than Tmax3200, not to mention Ilford3200?

Kira said...

There's a strong feeling of loneliness in this set of photos,as you were wandering alone in the streets of Vienna and the city was almost empty.
The frame with the sleeping woman on the train (?) is absolutley phenomenal.Such a strong mood and character.Magical feeling.

I have this habbit of looking through a set of your photos,and then coming to to look at it again,sometimes after an hour,sometimes on the next day.
always find new interesting details.
For me,it means that your photos contain much more then a single view can accept.(or something like that)

Much aappreciation!

arno said...

zitat von den news: Photographing cats seems like a huge cliché to some, but it is one of the hardest things to do (specially with an uncooperative kitty!). Good lighting, a strong composition, and a good concept/scene are all important when photog

smkblog said...

@adam: yes. trix is much cheaper. delta ist the most expensive high iso film in austria.. about 7€.

i was asked a few blogs before why i'm shooting trix+3.. and i answered that it is cheap and the best film for me.

so i tested the tmax again, to be sure that my argument was correct... and it seems like i was right (for myself) that trix+3 is the king of the night.

@kira: thanks, that's good to read !

@arno: lol.. it's as hard as war photography possibly

yang said...

WOW, that last one looks superb! I love the gradiation of the shadown on the underside of the bulldozer's arm. What speed was this shot at? Was it wide open? I sense a rather long DOF...

Thomas said...

1 second? Fucker, bet you've sold your soul to the devil to get Budha's stability.

Henri said...

the two last ones are good, :)! grain, holy grain!

Just for fun:

can't wait to see photos from that party!

I'm buying some trix to try that pushing technic!

pHeela said...

agree w/ kira. the best form this blog. i like the one from exhibiton too- the geometry-light game.
question for anyone- i want to buy (ask santa to buy with my financial help) a camera for street. obviously i dont have enough for any leica (even though I saw second hand M6 fpr 900 Euros today, must have been in bad condition though, cause the one next to it was 2000E I think). What about all those russian cameras? Zenit, Praktika??? Much cheaper! But I dont have any references... Help me out please. U will say BESSA, wont u?

Suzan said...

Ha, those photos of the exhibition are great; really like the focus in the seond one; creates such a strong frame.

The woman on the train is great too, almost needless to say :)

And the grain in that photo of the walls... really works, indeed.

smkblog said...


3200asa (tmax3200), f2.0 1/8th on 35mm focal lenght.

@henri: be sure that you better expose more light than you think 1/2 - 1 stop and develop in xtol 1:1 16min every minute moving 3 times.. that's how i do it.

@suzan: glad you like the exhibit photos !

cheers all !

shiftis said...

I completely agree with kira's statement:

"The frame with the sleeping woman on the train (?) is absolutley phenomenal.Such a strong mood and character.Magical feeling."

I was entranced by that photo...

I also love the other shots. Very good post indeed.

Miauzz said...

I'm pushing a tmax 3200 + 3, just to see how it works, for a school project... the problem is that my teacher wants me to devlope it with HC-110 in school lab, and doesnt let me develop at home with the xtol... fuck him... :\

smkblog said...

HC-110 might be the best choice though. i haven't used it but still it's no plain bullshit what your teacher says..