Friday, December 01, 2006

street contest.

it's funny and sad that some of the better entries aren't from DA members..


if you just join to win the contest with your selfchosen "winning streetshot", at least pretend to be a member of this site... but by joining a few days before the deadline and submitting one deviation for the contest and leaving again, you embarras yourself.

i myself have chosen my winnerphoto of the contest already. it's a da-member one.. haha.

i'm curious about the winner though.. i'm not in the contest, since my work was deleted, even if i was i didn't have good chances to win anything on deviantart anymore ;)

another intresting fact is that this contest might have been one of the smalles on DA i've seen. Not many people joined there.. that shows that DA has unfortunately has not much street potential at all, not even if the price is 1000$... but if the price is a mention by larafairy in her journal and the topic was shoot your kitten or yourself, billions would have joined.


sebastian said...

verdammt, ich hab die deadline verpasst. aber irgendwie hab ich mich eh nicht richtig getraut und kein "super" streetphoto dafür gefunden.
bin mal gespannt, wer sich die bessa verdient.

Noons said...

to me the contest lost it when dA decided to kick you out.
I hope any of their admins reads this...

eugenio said...

First of all, you're out of the contest. And that's a shit 'cause you was one of the best street-photographers in dA.
Then, about people who joined dA just for the contest. What can I say? I'm in dA, I pay dA. And I'm in the contest 'cause I belive, I love and I do street-photography. I publish my street-photographs in dA for a long time.
Maybe one day I'll leave dA, open a blogger account, do what you did, Sev.

I want to know your chosen winner-photo!

deadaluz said...

so you are lurking da, like the deviants once lurk you?
this still must be love!

Drooper said...

Those greedy bastards. Probably the Russian guy is all the same. Who knows.

I'd more like to see someone win who hasn't got a great camera already and showing some great potential. :)

But well...

Arno said...

Nun ich hoffe mal dass sich die Jury rund um C.W. sich Gedanken machen, wen sie zum Sieger küren. Ich meine der Contest war groß auf der Cameraquest Seite angekündigt und deshalb ist es nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass ein paar Leute sich für diesen Contest angemeldet haben. Dies mag zwar für dA ein zwei neue User bringen aber das ganze steht etwas in Widerspruch zu einem DA contest. Nun wie dem auch sei, ich bin schon mal auf das Ergebnis gespannt.
Ich hab das wieder mal nicht mitgekriegt um deinen Acc, bist du diesmal permanent weg?
Wäre es mal möglich mit dir in die Duka zu gehen? Würd mir nämlich gerne ein paar Tricks ansehen wegen Printen, da ich in den Weihnachtsferien selber wieder verstärkt printen will.
Lg ausm 9.

apixx said...

... sicher irgendwelche da user die halt die chance vergrößern wollen zu gewinnen...

ja ein pussycat kann man leichter photographieren (vorallem wenns die eigene ist) als wenn man jemanden auf der straße fotographiert.

flipo said...

Hab mir noch nicht alle entries angeguckt aber 2-3 wirklich feine sachen hab ich schon gesehen.
bin gespannt wer der/die glückliche sein wird und die bessa bekommt... da ick eh nicht gewinne beschenk ick mich zu weihnachten einfach selbst mit einer, pünktlich vorm trip nach wien :)

Henri said...

I don't want to be mean with you or Bernhard (wich has an amazing photo that should win) and I know everybody has the right to do what ever he wants... but I also find it funny and sad that some people that already have one of the best camera in the world, a M6 or M7 or even some good bessa actualy unter the contest... ok, they have the right to unter and win and then sell the camera or to keep it as a trophy... but I don't think that's why Chris Weeks made that contest for.

(you probably don't have a good opinion on me, or think I don't like you... but that's very wrong!)

I've also chosen my winnerphoto, it's Bernhard's one, (if there was a second one it would be azrael3000's one).

Fabian Grunwald said...

verdammt.. hab den wettbewerb ja völlig vergessen.. hmm.. jetzt is dann wohl zu spät.. dann nächstes mal eben ;)

david said...

Something tells me that all those accounts are from one person.

Baltazart said...

yeah ur right, the only reason i didnt participate its because i have nothing streetlike that i can be proud of.. only crap i never submited to da.. maybe next time... too bad larafairie does not support street cats..

Baltazart said...

yeah ur right, the only reason i didnt participate its because i have nothing streetlike that i can be proud of.. only crap i never submited to da.. maybe next time... too bad larafairie does not support street cats..

Suzan said...

I was really surprised to see that so many people just joined to participate! It comes across as very unsympathetic to me, but oh well.
I think my fav is Azrael3000's
Curious about your fav!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

since when did photography become all about money, people who are interested in making money out of photography most of the time do not love photography

Arno said...

Well now I watched all streetphotos which have been submited. I was suprised that just ~260 have been submited, well lot's of trash. Nearly every good photo has been shot by the guys I watch over there.

Thanks to all who like my image, it was shot with a really shitty cam (ok better than a digital), so it seems that the work behind the cam is appreciated. (For those who don't know I'm Azrael3000). Well I also choose a fav, it's the one from dersunde.

nouvelleshark said...

There's not much on DA for street. Just your good self and your Leica posse. Street contest is so small I didn't even know it was on. So thanks for your blog.

pHeela said...

what makes me wonder is whether the winner will also be the most faved one before being announced...

nimbus4dm said...

und ich sag dir - suck it. es ist alles sinnlos.

Nachin said...

All the stuff said in here (wether in the blog post or in the comments) is true.
DA is not made for street. Though I'm just a fucking newbie (I mean, I started photographing this year, and discovered how stupid digital was after a month) I inmediately realized after joining DA that everything, absolutely everthing was commercial. Street is not commercial, ergo street's not important. That's how members of DA think.
I made my entry for the contest, and even though I'm not hoping to win, since I just started making street shots, I'd love to get some recognition from people like you, or mr weeks. You are the only ones I really estimate in DA (and a few more haha)

Anonymous said...

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adamkozlowski said...

Haha, i totally agree with you mate.

I still can't decide about my favourite though. My entry is not that good... Maybe my Night Rider would be better, but that's just technically good, nothing particularly moving or nothing with a story. Plus, i fucking need to start posting printscans instead of negscans, damn!

Funny story Sev. Yesterday i got my old-but-newly-bought Yashica Electro GSN. Nice one. Mint and works flawlessly. First day, first evening, at a club. Some drunk guy comes up to me - "Is that a Leica?". And that's just a proof of how people here don't care for SLRs ;) They just love different stuff.

But if i ever get a Leica, i will stick a big fake name of it in Russian! Like "Zorki" or "Zenit" or whatever.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Darren (FideNullo) said...

I'm still pissed off that I've been so busy lately, I totally fucking forgot to enter the contest!

James said...

Better to have a few good, then a lot of shit.

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