Wednesday, December 13, 2006

started this roll in october.. found it today and finished it. nothing specatacular, really.

125 plus-x. great film. definately.

i like cars with messages

especially such subtile ones

didn't know we had an austrian version of mel gibson. i'm being mean again, i know.

kinda odd this boy. i've seen him for the second time. he looks so introvert.. but who knows, everything is subtile.. right. kinda cool, the odlschool gameboy.. ha.

i just like that frame. it's just a small thing.. that says so much somehow.

this baby came straigh out of resident evil !

will scan some prints tomorrow probably. the new material. i'm satisfied again. maybe it lasts for a few days. just threw away almost 300 prints. what else can you do ? it's all crap.



e said...

Unless you have multiple camera bodies, does that mean you loaded a half used roll yet again, and then clicked the recorded number of exposures with the lens cap on till the advance was on the approximately right frame?.... in order to finish the roll?

The exposure on the autobus driver one is spot-on. and a lovely frame overall.

If the girl with the thong had gone commando for that day/outfit, you wouldn't have had your shot. ; )

e said...

... it's not that the jeans are low, the thong is high.

e said...

...tram driver damn it.

smkblog said...

i don't have multiply m bodies yet but in some time i will. i think it's worth it.. especially when you shoot on changing light situations and for switching from b/w to colour it is also useful.

well now i shoot a roll and take it out again, mark how many frames i've taken on it and next time i shoot i take these amount of frames on closest aperture and fastest shutter and cover it with my hand.. that's it.

the girl was one of three placebo fans who went to the concert hall seven hours before the support band started.. 7 hours !


apixx said...

zum vorletzten :sexy

der bub: lol schultaschen mit rädern und griff... gestört.

du warst am placebo konzert ?

Thomas said...

Gameboy, heh. My girlfriend lives 300 kilometers away from me, I travel to her by train. Always my gameboy classic with tetris on me.

Interesting streetshots, really enjoyed some of them. Gibson for example, that's one hell of a friggin mullet. The tramdriver's shot immediately reminded me of one of HCB's portraits, not a tremendously big fan of HCB though, I just happened to like that one portrait.


Sebastian said...

Also die prints tät ich dir gern abnehmen .. sind siche rnicht so schlecht wie du denkst

henri said...

you might be abble to get something good out of the first frame!

Fergus said...

The light in the first frame is gorgeous!

once-keen said...

ich liebe den kollegen im ersten bild, der dich aus dem hinterrund so lustig anschaut. die negative schauen sehr perfekt aus. die kommen so aus dem scanner? wie entwickelst du den film?

Anonymous said...

Hi all!


Hannah said...

maybe it's just me, but the gameboy doesn't look like a gameboy; it looks like the nintendo ds. which sadly is far from a classic gameboy, :D

you've always got such wonderful photos; i personally have shaky hands and have never managed to be able to focus pictures properly.

Anonymous said...

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