Tuesday, December 19, 2006

found this roll of superia 1600 today and brought it to the lab. i tell you, never shoot colour when there is no light, no matter if it's a 1600 roll or not.. better stick to b/w. i don't see much reason for shooting street in colour.

the moment i saw the hot mr.ryan on my roll, i knew it was shot in october this year. (to the girls: he's not taken yet !!)

we had some very vienniese hot dog. yeah it's not toxic, they say...

they have fancy toilets.

one of these i wish i had taken in b/w.

back to recent stuff. as you probably know, bernhard and linus are having problems with cameras, lenses and their dicks probably, but let's pretend they are allright..

so like half of the recent photo material is just focus testing all the time. like this one. i turned his hat 90° to make him look much fancier. unfortunatley the NEW 28/1.9 does not focus correctly. god bless cosina..

austria was currently attacked by the al-quaida, this time it was a one-family house. the difference to 9/11 is that our buldings did not melt but resisted the attack.

i'm soon having a series of these.

was going home by bike and finished the roll. it's obviously christmas time.. these lights don't make it better though.

why not try a panning shot while riding a bike.. oh, dude.

vienna seems a bit more green these days. little woods pop out everywhere.

i was curious about the effect of the window that is covert by some advert. he was looking at me for a few seconds, then i took the photo.

i love it when mothers or parents or grandparents buy stuff for their kids and grandchilds. it often seems so complicated to chose the correct thing. one day there was a woman that bought a 30d for her son. she wasn't sure at first if she'd take the alpha though.. i find that kinda funny.

it seemd like 50y ago.

shots like these are kinda tricky for me. i always walk too fast for focusing ..

first time testing my new 50/2 cron outside. i must say, the cron opens new opportunities for me now. especialy the close-up glasses for focsing below 0.9m until 0.45m !

bernhard is kinda getting tired of all his strangely not working equipement.

he still insists on shooting.. even if it's kinda like playing roulette.

i love how the baby reacted on my first photo:

look where i am ! in the LEICASHOP.. <3.. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://mm.cpluv.com/media_library/medias/smkwoomp/thumbs/XL01_b201744b53f36.jpg">
you see that shot i took of bernhard ? you see that next shot ?

i got a little story with it.

this man, who was checking out some leica R bodies, was somehow a strange appearance for me. he told me that i should better not have taken a photo of him, because if i did without asking for permission, he would sue me. he was talking about the photo i took of bernhard who was OUTSIDE the fucking store in the OPPOSITE direction of this lovely man.

i told him who i have REALLY photographed.. but felt a bit pissed, because who the fuck does he think he is !?

so i continued with "even if, it wouldn't have been the end of the world, right ?"..

then he repeated that he'd sue me for taking a photo of him without asking beforehand. it was against the law to take a photo of someone without having permission.. i just said that it's not true, since it depends on where and how you make it public. he insisted on his opinion.. whatever.

i then asked him what kind of photos HE takes if not of human beings. (i thought, if someone is a photographer, then he/she should really not be too picky about being photographed, that'd be kind of wrong)..

he told me that he is shooting landscape. (i was not surprised)

i asked him why he isn't using large format if he is only shooting landscape. (you should know that a good 4x5 set-up is probably much cheaper than a leica R set !! and for landscape, you got plenty of time and need lots of resolution.. why the hell would you go for a leica R system !?)

well he didn't answer from then and kept being silent.

bernhard entered the store and i asked him if he'd also go for large format if he was shooting landscape.. (he was not involved in the story, since being outside all the time, but kinda felt there was something in the air.)

to make it short now. i took the photo right before we left. i cought this moment where this man was sure i was just pretending to take a photo but not really taking one.. so he pointed at me with a smile like "you don't dare" but at that time i had my photo already.

so he asked me to stay here and wanted to call the police.. i wished him good luck and fun and left the store. bernhard told me that he talked to some shop keepers and they tried to calm him down.

so what do we think about all that ? :

(bern burping) 50/2.0 o.45m


shiftis said...

Haha... That was an amusing story :)

I don't understand why people sometimes have such a problem with being photographed.

Anonymous said...

Christ man.

Thank god most countries laws are usually in favor of street photography.

Henri said...

very funny to have that discussion in a... leica shop! "dude what the hell were leicas made for?!"... haha!

http://woomp.com/media_library/medias/smkwoomp/thumbs/XL01_b2018529b7beb.jpg that one is fun, would have been better with an even wider lens!

Åsmund said...

Haha, that was great! I really think you should send them a print so that they can frame it and hang it up in the store.

flipo said...

Meine fresse, zum glück sind mir solche "Händler" bisher noch nich begegnet ... Da lob ick ma doch meen Bessahändler!

http://www.milk-plus.de/pics/bessa.jpg *g*

rock on
flipo aka spo0n

Josh (GFXPunk) said...

Quick question - do you suggest getting a 35/2.5 Voigt lens now or waitinf 4 months and getting the 35/2 cron? I want the cron... but I don't have a lens for my M6 yet (can't afford one) and the 35/2.5 is within my price range for now.

I'm figuring a voigt for now is better than no lens for 4 months.... unless it really is worth it.

cougarr said...

that's the classic street discution... and still i dont know the laws in my country (portugal)... but im almost positive sure they do not protect streetphotography... whatever...

Aaron / Nightshadow said...

Damn good shot from a bike!
I agree with the other comment - send him a print.

Suzan said...

Ha, what a great entry. Great photos, great stories. Greatgreatgreat.
Love the shot of "Thomas" and the 2nd one of the baby and the escalator one and the 3rd portrait of Bern. A lot.

Noons said...

yeah, I'd send them a print. and ask them to give it to the bloke when he next shows up.
might make him think twice before opening his gob next, who knows?

disagree with you on the 1600: those are nice shots, dude. I'd be proud to show them as my own.

then again I don't give a flying pluck about visible grain, be it colour or otherwise.

Tanya said...

Haha that story is hilarious. Jeez you'd think he'd realise the police have better things to do than attend to someone taking a picture.

Terry said...

I really enjoy the grain on those color photos. Sucks you didnt seem to like it very much.
I think there can be a place for color in street... and you have many examples.

la m. said...

haha. der leicatyp..
das baby gefällt mir gut. und linus :o und überhaupt gefallen mir viele

alex said...

haha, das ist natürlich ein klassiker :D

eine frage zum ersten foto. haben die was gesagt ?

Drooper said...

Wish you had stayed there, and waited for the police hand-by-hand with that guy. They would have laughed their asses off. What a jerk.

No-one in Finland ever dares to come and whine about taking a photo. :P

Luke Neher said...

Hmm, that cosina shot looks pretty fucking sharp to me, what am i missing.
Also, on the subject of ignorant landscape dude.
First of all hahahah, who the fuck gets an r system, especially for landscape!
Second of all, while laws protect street photographers over here in Australia, generally, if someone asks me not to make photos of them (nicely) i'll oblige, on the other hand, if someone is a dick about it, (like landscape guy) I will tell them i can do whatever the fucki like (unless they look thuggish:P).
Send the leica shop a 5*7, definitely.

chris Weeks said...

fuck that r-shopping fuck, mate.

great fucking story!!!!!!!

jAMES said...

Idiots in a camera store don't want their fucking photo taken?

Also, how fucking stupid do you have to be, to be in a cam shop wanting to buy a leica yet you don't know that it's not illegal to take photos of people.

I would have called him a fucking moron and berated him for being stupid.

Just wait till I get there, I'll do some fucking straight talking!

jiwaki said...

i like the modern art museum shot (which museum is it?) very much and the second (head cut) pic of bernhard. but there are a lot of great photos in this post, and the story of the leica shop could be a short movie! :D

michael said...

amuesante geschichte. hab ich doch glatt gelaechelt. deine letzten zwei eintraege, dieser hier und der neuere, sind wirklich gut. wirst besser von eintrag zu eintrag. :)

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