Monday, November 13, 2006

i rarely shoot in class, since it's boring, i mean the photos turn out boring. i just liked this one for it's shapes. someone asked me later what camera i use because it is so silent.. and then i just listened to a m7 today and feel like an elephant with my m6 now.

in the train once again..

meet ivan. hm. 1/60th 2.8 for the eyes, remember ?

why am i shooting these ? i dunno. wasted shots probably.. but yeah postcards of the 2050's someone has to shoot them, right ?

bokeh, over and out.

"ois oaschlöcha" then he fell asleep. his purse fell on the floor too.

another postcard, even useful nowadays.

haha. i love this mc donnalds. it's close to theatres and the other chic places. often a bunch of teens wearing suits and dresses have a break at good ol mc-d.. i find that hillarious.

more mc-d

printed this one already. just loved how he was styled.

f2.8. this lens beats everything. i love that.

some young soccer "wannabee holigans" how cute.. and sad.

"tirolergasse..." is what she said. the woman on the tape. the tape for that announces the next station of the bus. it's a special tape and a special woman.. she sounds so emo.. you would shit your pants. like these two fellas.


just demonstrating that the m6 still works.. it shoots something called "film".. allright.

we played poker then. till 3am or something.

in the mall.

next evening. he made his finger burn. he's a REAL MAGICIANINAIN or what you call it. f2.0 1/4th.. call me mr.manfrotto.. dude.. i wonder what gilad would have done here.. maybe 10mm 200asa ir-filter 10minutes exposure.. yeah i love this guy

fuck. they were drunk. drunk idiots. just took this one because they were drunk dumbheads. but i am a jerk too when drunk. so this is excused.

my friends. i'm a bit ashamed.

oh it's so film noir !! dude.. i love this.. it's so french cinema.. wow.. you're so talented... fuck off.. i have million of these shots.. it's snapping.. it's boring but yeah there is a cigarette.. WOW

THIS is what i like.. a anti-james dean shot. yeah this is film rouge i think.. muahah..

oh and yeah. i met this guy a week ago or so. i forgot that i shot this photo of him. he's andrew, andrew mangold. cool guy. he's chilling in vienna while his brother is directing films like walk the line... if i had a brother, i'd also be the andrew-one.. that's just cool haha.

now fuck off everyone. why ? because i can say so. because i'm god in this blog !


adamkozlowski said...

Great ones Sev, though you were right, some of them are a bit more boring than the previous ones. However, still, the quality matters.

Btw, Sev, you made the impossible happen - i made my own prints for the first time. It's cheap, easy... but very addictive.

One more thing - what are you studying exactly?

Suzan said...

I loved that postcard remark!
And the Film Rouge one. Hahahaha. God in your blog; lovely.

markus said...

gott im blog.
...und ketzer auf dA.

Gonzale said...

aaaahaha i want that shot
genius. love the contrast, the guy... yummy.

i had to giggle to the remark about how gilad wouldve shot that other photo... :D

henri said...

the second one is good.

laith said...

where the night shots tri-x +2 or 3?

smkblog said...

@adam.. well yeah. i rarely submit "outgoing" shots.. and the last two rolls were almost only outgoing with friends.. but then again they always ask where they can see the photos i take of them.. so i have to submit a few. and like i said. i'm god in this blog ;)

your first prints. cute. hehe

@laith: both trix+3 rolls

laith said...

Hope you dont mind me asiking what you develop them with? The only developer i have right now is ilford ID-11, will i get good results with it developing tri_x +3?

Noons said...

Say whatever you want, man.
Thanks for the sheer photo goodness.
Hey, now that dA pissed you off: if I want one of your prints, what do I do?

kip keston said...

Hi Sev,

Is there anyway you could repost the photos missing from November? I really want to see them!