Tuesday, October 24, 2006

photos of day 2:

the shizzle


zach said...

mr. weeks is one fucking photogenic bastard...a da all-star cast.

english is the language of love; your lucky numbers are: 8, 28, 32, 35, 37.

Gerard said...

Some really great photographs. There was always something that made your photographs recognizable, but these series really show a style of photographing. I'm rather impressed.

is this one shot with noctilux?

foig said...

I like the detail shots here.

All good stuff.

So many cameras on that bed!!

Andrew said...

Why if it isn't Mr. Weeks. heh, I enjoyed his antics in that elevator =D

I'm also a fan of the chair pic. Of course, I do have a chair fetish, so....

Anywho, good stuff as always. Lots of personality in these photos - I like that =)

adamkozlowski said...

Dog fuckin damn, blimey... That's Chris Weeks!!!!! Wow... Two photo Gods together at once ;) Like in that pic i have on my DA webcam - two music Gods.

Thanks Sev.

Gonzale said...

hey ! i took 38a ! :P

great work otherwise :)

Piotr said...

awesome shots, mate.

what films did you use for these?