Monday, October 23, 2006

i've decided to show the photos from the trip to paris by each day. on the first day i took 2 b/w rolls and a few colours frames.

my first photo in paris. first time we took a rest and got rid of our luggage. miriam and i had something to eat on these stairs beside the saine. thi woman sat down behind us, took a green apple out of her bag and i knew what to do.

following photos: plus-x 125, leica m6, 35mm f2.0 summicron:

miriam showed me a place behind the notre dame, where we sat down for a moment. this guy beside us took staged photos of someoene with a book. he gave her instroducions of how holding the book, like a pro, but using a disposable kodak 1-time camera made me just wonder... hah.

one legged pigeon.

you could hear him from far. it sounded like a one man parade. he was drumming on his can and screaming wild things.. he asked for money and i thought i'd better give him something so that he'll leave us. i was just having my first warm meal so all i wanted is to make him go away. i'm glad this photo turned out to be something.. because i had all my luggage arond me, on my back a bag on my shoulder, the gyros in my left hand and my prints and the coke.. so shooting this photo was rather tricky.. lol

she took some photos of him form above. she left with a "wave" after she had enough photos.. he tried to commuicate with her.. in "his" language.

yeah. we met suzage for half an hour. she's a cool lady. this shot should show that hopefully.. crazy chick !

me being mean, shooting a french coinslot :]

after the gyros-lunch. cha took us to her home. i took some detail photos just for fun.

got rid of the luggage, we went back downtown. this little dog "barked" like a dying rat on the roof there. first impressions of gentiliy, cha's residence.

french cars ! :O

first metro shot, still using plusx125, thanks for standing in the light for me mister ;)

miriam and i checked something to eat and drink in a "francprix" supermache ! these old ladys cought my attention.. funny couple they were.

on the way to the eiffel tower..

wish i was closer here.. full view is needed

in the metro again..

of course i needed a photo of me there.. ;)

we walked to the louvre later. switched to kodak 400nc, my most favourite c41 film.

got dark. trix+3:

haha.. yeah came across this. a coat made of chinchillas for 24.000 euro.. i wonder how many chinchillas had to die for this ugly coat..

back home at cha's:

finaly in the bed.

tomorrow: day 2


Darin said...

great work, especially the last ones from the metro. I understand why you would want to be closer for that shot by the eifel tower, but in a way it's more subtle. Once you realize the shot is not of the tower you have to hunt for what it's really about, it's sort of a little reward at the bottom of the frame.

Bender said...

Meine Mutter war auch gerade in Paris. Sie meinte, ich dürfe nie mit dem Auto hin fahren. :)

Anonymous said...

das bild mit der nonne drauf, find ich super !

foig said...

Cool stuff man, alot of those are quite subtle and dont strike you straight away, but the more you look the more you discover.

Also love it when it gets dark and you bust out the trix +3 looks tasty!

nasal said...

beautiful shots and you are sexy as always (:P)

April May said...

That photo of the eiffel tower is incredible, and it took me a few seconds to notice why. Good set. I love the "urinating" man.

Suzan said...

Ahh, I really like your view on the city.
Especially adore the photo of the two ladies in the supermarché.

slimmons said...

I agree with Darin - the buggy/wheelchair shot is subtly just right. The last shot where you chose to focus on the end of the book's pages - killer instinct, I think that's a great shot.

Looking forward to Day two.

philippa said...

great shots!
especially love the tones and colours in
looking forward to day 2 :)

yume said...

it seems like you had fun :) i'm glade.

panopticum said...

wie soll man es anders sagen als "you got the vibe"?

wunderbar. seit längerem mal wieder so richtig gute sachen von dir!

Adam said...

damn sev, your living my dream, wish i could have gone, or still wish i could go, the photos look fantastic,i rather like the color photos but the trix ones are the best

mariusnilsen said...

the e-tower one is soooo good, stolling a baby, stolling a baby - only difference 60 years apart.

Incredible, but so are all the rest.


Nachin said...

Submit the photo you took at the Eiffel tower RIGHT NOW to da... so I can fave it!
It's just brilliant.

adamkozlowski said...

Damn You Sev... Great work. But i'm trying hard to catch up. C U L8R.