Saturday, September 09, 2006

photos from folklore im garten festival 2006. colour and b/w scans and a few prints too.


shadking said...

the last one is seriously kickass. perfect timing and composition.. spot on exposure!

great job on metering for nos. 14 and 15 as well.. prints keep looking good..


stingray said...

some of these are really great, specially the latter black and white ones, really interesting perspectives of what seems like an almost surreal event. i'd love to see the last couple printed big, the ambience is fantastic with the fog/dust.

Gonzale said...

some really good shots here
love the two ladies with the unbrella. and the umbrella with clowns. and the guy touching the fake tit, although a tinny 1/2 of a second later it wouldve maybe been better.

Thomas said...

The one before the last one is brilliant. The lighting, composition. It all fits together, stunning work.

Åsmund said...

those were great!

Especially the ones that were very dark and only light on the face.

Looked like a good time.

Suzan said...

Ah, what can I say? Great set of photos once again! I especially enjoy the ones shot in low light condition.

smkblog said...

low light. yeah damn, the laughing people was 1/2second at 3200iso f2.0

that's freaking low light :D

thanks everybody :)

Kira said...

awesome captures!
my favourite is the man with the umbrella and the that angle.

That festival seems like lots of fun,and you've managed to emphasize
that very well.

your photos bring me much joy.

apixx said...

find ich sehr gut!

foig said...

Nice stuff!! The lowlight stuff i love especially.

bálint said...

great pictures! my favs are the children with the "diver", the women with umbrella, the guitarist with a touch of light (!) and the last one.
i found your blog at about the previous post via chris weeks and added to the rss list instantly.
keep it up!

cheers, bálint

clayton said...

some serious classics in there

jetlag said...

sehr schöne bilder! das mit dem regenschirm-typen gefällt mir besonders gut und das letzte ist auch der hammer!

auch das mit dem typen in der hocke und das bild auf dem der bärtige typ ein bonbon im mund zu haben scheint, gefallen mir beide sehr! hehe

werd die tage auch ein paar von folklore hochladen! war ein schöner tag mit euch beiden!

viele grüße und machs gut, michael

Anonymous said...

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