Friday, September 15, 2006

couldn't sleep due fucked up rhythm i got because of the darkroom sessions lately. so i decided to scan 3 colourfilms.. which takes ages.

well here are some photos from a trip to a lake, few leftovers from folklore and a few streetshots.

we got up "early" to go to the lake.

she seemed to enjoy this place, so did the ultra (agfa film)

chilling at it's best. it was so calm there compared to the city. photos from the night (b&w) will follow later when i got them printed.

linus took this one

thought i'd continue the shadow series ;)

first time testing the water.. it was damn cold actually.. getting out of the water again felt like being in a peppermint gum as a whole.

we walked some small route in the mountains.

later we had a barbeque. miriam took this one with obvious gay touch intention !

later back in vienna, bernhard was about to develope the first films from his trip again, thought i'd honor that moment with a photo.

double exposures seemed quite fun too.. i call this one "cry me a river" or "cry me a traunsee"

and this one "smiling for the photographer who has something in his hair that makes him look rather homosexual to me"

leftovers from the folklore festival

and the last shots of the roll, street again. back home.


sebastian said...

Wirklich schöne Fotos.
Miriams rotes Kleid wirkt fantastisch, besonders in Kombination mit dem grünen See. Der Ultra scheint ja echt der Hammer zu sein.
Den "Entenarsch" find ich witzig. Und man sieht da mal wieder die Randschärfe deiner Optik.

Christian said...

jaja, zwei männer am see die sich gegenseitig die würstl grillen :P wie homoromantisch.

das foto mit der frau (?) im roten pullover is genial!

markus said...

mjam, die letzten drei...
sehr schöne farben, generell.

apixx said...

das 4te ist echt gut!

sind auch ein paar "untypische" fotos dabei (untypisch für dich) wie das vom sonnenuntergang ("jeder kann einen sonnenuntergang fotographieren" :D)

aber der ultra hat echt was!

deine piefkefreundin said...

find den eintrag toll :) auch, wenn ich dafür alleine nächtigen musste.

chris Weeks said...

welcome to my world ... i haven't had normal sleeping habits for years.

it's alright, though ... i like having the same schedule as the guy working grave yard at convenience stores.

we both get to hang with crackwhores!

very nice photo package, mate!!!!

Annie said...

I can't wait to learn how to use my camera properly and take and develop my own photos like these, rather exciting.

I love the photo of you and miriam, and the one of zort.

p.s did she cut her hair again?

shadking said...

miriam's shot is freaking hot. brokeback all the way..


flipo said...

Fast schon zu idyllisch xD - Nichts desto trotz steht dieses Jahr noch ein verlängertes Österreich Wochenende mitm guten Freund zusammen an.

rock on

morgan said...

beautiful photos mate... i always love seeing a new entry in my bookmarks. cheers.

Kevin said...

Agfa isn't so bad with skin tones. I thought it was worse. Gorgeous uhh.. model you have there ;)

Frakkin darkroom makes me sleepy. Being locked in a small room for hours does that. Sleep well little one!

Anonymous said...

genfer see?

Gonzale said...

ah good ! love the photo that miriam took :D
the light is very strange in the one of miriam in the cave..
ah well. great work :)