Thursday, August 17, 2006

just developed some bw-films today. first leica/35cron impressions. some scans:

i tell you. some things are MADE for b/w photographs..

trix+3 in xtol 35mm@f2.0 1/30th

and others are made for colour photographs. (agfa ultra 100 here... holy moly) 35/2@2 1/15th

more bokeh-madness:

and other madness..

or "weirdness" (ultra again)

and, of course, wideness !

quite my favourite frame (reminds me of a zortshot)

she asked for a photo and gave me her email, damn, i forgot my axe-clicker that night ;)

and then she took a shot of me. she really wanted so hard

the only problem is. that it is a rangefinder. every photo "looks" in focus.. well.. :D

crazy-tob being emo

some girls being "indie". they are so indie that they even don't need new shoes !!


here i cought 5 deviants at once, i must have superpowers

magic-medicine, the-coxi-the-me, natashalyonne, crazytob and nufm (gesundheit!)

leica ownz


Darin said...

The tri-x looks really nice. I've always just used D-76, I may have to try some xtol.

foig said...

Mmmm tri-x, such a great film. So do you have just the one leica now or 2?

What ratio do you mix xtol? 1+4?

alife said...

Wieder einmal eine sehr coole Story und nette Bilder :)

hobbynutte said...

flex eben...
hat gefallen :D

Suzan said...

Ha, I definitely like all these little stories the photos make. Gotta love that (lack of) shoe shot!

apixx said...

seit wann entwickelst du in farbe?

farben sehen gut aus, evt etwas übersättigt :D

du musst mir mal verraten wie du 1/15 hältst :D

swelements said...

wieder sehr schöne fotos - ich frage mich nur wie du dir immer diese leicas leisten kannst. luxus bitch!

felix said...

bin ja gespannt wann wir uns mal im/vorm flex treffen. morgen abend bin ich eh vorort, mal sehen...

liebe grüße,
felix (

achja: nette photos, vorallem das mit den schuhen find ich ja sehr genial!

Anonymous said...

Danke sehr an den Webmaster.

Gruss Nadine

Anonymous said...

Danke sehr an den Webmaster.

Gruss Nelly