Tuesday, August 01, 2006

just another evening. shooting digital after a while again. (other, not stolen) markII + 28/1.8 most shots between 1600 and 3200 1.8 - f2.5 and 1/10 - 1/100 exposure time. i have also shot a roll neopan 400+2 with om1 and 24/2 from 1/8th - 1/30th that night.

here we go.. the magic beer bottle, inspired by figo the only nazi cat out there..

i bet you didn't know, one of my cameras has a butterfly on it ! ;) bought it like that, i tell you this camera will be worth 1000nds of dollars one day... ^^;

miriam did a good job on manual focus there ;) 1/13th at f1.8 3200iso is quite the uber dark i'd say

took this one as we left. that's the location where we had some beer and spend some time.. quite fun ! someone left his/her umbrella there. first day with rain since ages.. i have the same shot with the oly on b/w, will see what looks better

on the way home we came across this !



i also tried it. without success..

almost home at the station.. i once took a photo there. it was my first DD on devart.. if you remember ;)

it immediately reminded me of this photo:

my last one from tonight

and now. good nat !

ps: to all deviants out there ! there is a new stamp that should not miss in a well rounded collection of passionated stamp-collectors !

see it yourself:
you can find it here


matt said...

that frame of miriam is beautiful bro..

i'm assuming digital? 28/1.8?

glad you're out shooting as much as i am.

keep it going

foig said...

Wow im always amazed at how the mkII handles noise at high iso's, it looks tight!

shad king said...

awesome colors as usual.. like the shot of miriam best..

the panning series is pretty sweet too..

clayton said...

as with what matt says, your miriam photo is quite the shit.. and your butterfly camera is also quite the hott shit.

flipo said...

Mir is gestern ne OM-1 in letzter Sekunde in der Bucht durch die Lappen gegangen ^^

Schöne Bilder wobei mir die Bierflasche & Coladose am meisten gefallen. Miriam is auch nett aber da hast schon bessere Bilder gemacht.

rock on

kamandir said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kamandir said...

dev-fucking-art banned your new account at start?
it's so silly, God...

btw. impressive pics. did I say already that I'm trying to teach sth from you? keep up the good job mate :)

FideNullo said...

I have a magic beer bottle, but the government tells me I'm not allowed to show it to you because you're a foreigner.

*Why* exactly are you banned from dA?! I seem to have missed that whole story. Don't ask me how...

marie said...

ya I agree with the rest of the guys

Miriam is beautiful!

Bet you've already know dat ;)

Thanks for sharing your pictures here

Nice to see the world from others point of view

Specially from great photographer like u :)

ananke said...

Pity it has to be that ugly gesture on the stamp -- because I'd use this if not this. It's childish ;) There should be something unique on the stamp like this, I think. Especially from "you & co". I hope someday there will be such stamp and many of us out there will be proud having it on the main page. Because the idea is really good.

Brendan said...

ba aha that hedge, very fun, nice job sev.

lilly said...

stunning stamp! i cant believe those asses banned your account from the start. thats just retarded. i put the stamp up in my journal. they might ban me but i dont give the slightest shit.

that shot of bernhard jumping makes me drool. so so smooth.