Monday, July 31, 2006

just scanned my latest rolls. 2x across100 (my new love) and trix400.

across is such a nice film with high dynamic range, details in the highlights and shadows, nice contrast in general...
i was shooting this film for the first time, so it was a kind of test and i am very pleased.. now i need to print some, to be able to judge it on paper, which is the most important of course.. but scanned, it looks really good.

two friends, aurelio and sander from netherlands have been here for a couple of days. we had some fun and i mean fun on a primitive but good level ;)

they came by hitch hiking, like ezra and charlotte back in mai..

left is sander and right aurelio.

bernhard and i showed them how to have real fun, on the mens toilet.. seriously, i have no idea why we all together went there.. funny enough to take photos right !?

some guy joined our little party.. bet he was confused.. i mean.. i would have been too.. don't remember what we talked, i think bernhard exchanged a few words

meanwhile aurelio took his first photo with a leica, bernhards..

exactly while i took one. and i mean exactly !

aurelio asked me where he'll find the photos i took while they were in vienna.. more here:

miriam had more fun there though ;)

more of the "primitive" fun :P i asked him to lay down as dead. he did a good job, didn't he ?! ;)

though. chilling was what we could do best.

yes it was hot.. but no heat on this earth would bring me in there... a few moments later a security asked them to get out of the water.

the next thing i'm going to buy miriam is a new pair of shoes, she tends to lose them or something :O

it hasn't been the first time..

these two fellas defined the word "chil" new i think.. gotta love the 24mm here

more of the across(100asa), some less good lightning situations, where the film surprised me positively

f2.0 + 1/15th

f2.0 + 1'

more from that roll:

ps: yes, 24mm ;)

now to other stories. met this guy somewhere. he had this trophy. i wondered. but i didn't understand what he said.

later i crossed these american girls. playing some redicolous girly game.. you know that game where you have to clap each other in the same rythm.. my sister used to play it when she was 12.. these young ladies seemed to got stuck in that age.. oh well it was a pleasure to shoot them haha.

some other day i came across this bottle of nerd-wine, don't know if it was red or white..


and she is evil. another evening started

bernhard looking good with the M

in the pub, we all got new hairstyles.. you know this one allready:
that's the evil skull lady, who gave him the new hairstyle

and last but not least the M6!! need to print this one though


Piotr said...

oh severin.

what do you not see with your camera?

and why the fuck were you girlying it up with 4 int he bathroom. crazy austrians.

that m6 print. how much will it cost me to have that printed and signed? A0 size :D

flipo said...

Eure Zeit zum chillen möcht ich auch mal haben ^^ aber schöne stories sind's wieder geworden, wobei die klostory am meisten rockt.

favorit in dem post ist aber eindeutig:

btw. das zweite bild hat den gleichen fullview link wie das erste :(

rock on

PaulW said...

that miriam is one hot chick, cute as hell,

this is a journal to match the great Mr Weeks,

i'm so glad i put you on my RSS feed.

foig said...

Wow dude pimp detail in the highlights

Loved how miffed the guy looks in the toilet! classic

der zeitgeist said...

das foto von der asiatin in der ubahn ist absolute spitzenklasse. beste seit langem.

Jonathan said...

Nice photos man. I was starting to wonder if we'd see more from you here or not.

How's the reaquisition of another Mark II coming?


claytonhauck said...

some brilliant shots as usual. the sleeping girl on the train is especially amazing. one of these days i will make it out to austria, as I keep telling bernhard..

Sean Flanigan said...

Your film work is good. Thanks for sharing.

It look good on the black background of the blog.


Hakfest said...

That is the most awesome bottle of wine. If you know the name tell me, I will buy it for birthdays!

apixx said...

gott vom bernhard des auge hüpft ja in dem photo gleich raus!

Suzan said...

Hah, great series of photos. It looks like it all comes so damn naturally to you. Such good vibes coming from the photos. I'm very much enjoying this. I think the blog works better for you than dA; it's almost like a photonovel.

alife said...

So hab mich hier auch einmal angemeldet :)

Wann warts ihr im Burggarten? Samstag? Sonntag?

cacoe said...

maybe someone already said, i don't care.

the link above "some guy joined our little party.. bet he was confused.. i mean.. i would have been too.. don't remember what we talked, i think bernhard exchanged a few words"

is wrong.