Friday, July 18, 2008

parade 2008 vienna

as you will see, i was going for other photographers and other freaks this time.

the first parade i've been to has quite changed my view of photorgaphy, especially the documentation and journalistic sort of. I felt ashamed for having a camera round my neck back then. So i decided to document the documenting part of the parade.
This year i thought i'd use a tilt lens to seperate those i want to focus on from the others, because the whole actual show the parade itself is no real show for me, the - how i call it - freakshow is happening around the gays, lesbians and transsexuals.

so here we go !

(those two of course are excluded)

arguing about "tit-shots"

i think i don't need to comment each shot. of course i don't mean to harm anyone here.. i just try to make a different picture of the parade.

for the geeks: canon 5d 24/3.5L ts-e @ f5.0 iso100 manual exp. manual focus.


miri paradendyke said...

best of the best.
der blade (aber das sind sie ja alle..) mit dem iro ist mien neuer liebling.
oder die mit den geilen socken in sandalen und radlerhose. priceless!

chris weeks said...

and that dog.

and the burly photographer.

loved this stuff, mate! happy to see you're around shooting your own people. ;)

Stelios said...

jesus christ how many of them are there?and look at those lenses!quite intimidating.

Rick Yribe said...

I love

Great shots all around.

Nimus said...

alter.. eine deiner besten fotoserien EVER!!! :)

simon said...

"must have big black camera with long lens and large numbers in its name. large is good for clearing out physical disadvantages!"

Jure said...

hehe, awesome!

Suzan said...

Nice approach to capturing the parade. Guess this entry really shows the voyeur and the sensationalismseeker in these photographers you captured. Most of them aren't people who like to have a frame of the parade because they like it so much - but because they want to sell it to a newspaper or whatever. Looks very unsympathetic I think.
The tiltshift really underlines what you want to capture I think - but after seeing so much frames with it it gets a bit nauseating for me :s
Love the frame of Markus btw! Such nice colours and expression :D

rHytHm123 said...

amazing pictures as always!

Ciril Jazbec said...

hehe great!!

Scott said...

Inspired by gilad.. how apt. ;)

Great work as always mate!

Eva said...

Your tribute to gilad is pretty much amazing.