Friday, February 29, 2008

february was one of my busiest month photography wise.

so here the last photos from february 2k8

left: here is space for your creativity
right: fuck scrubs

i've tried my best getting straight lines with the rangefinder.

luckily this one turned out.

intresting threesome

in the elevator of markus place.. it's the smallest i've ever seen.

cream filled willies... awesome.

thought why not also include miriam in my series.

met this redhead at h&m

yum !

funny how bernhard and i took photos of the same situation without knowing of each other versions.


just some friends at my place

the m is still my favourite of all cameras..

on the street again.

first sunny and warm days this year. it's like everyone crawls out of their caves all of a sudden.

catching the last sunrays


the other day..

a little metro-boys gang at burggasse.

somehow i felt like shooting slide again. kodak 100e GX was laying around for a year now.. so i took it out of the fridge for the first time. nice film !

apx 100 in comparison

we did a polaroid for a project of chris d. and it didn't work out, so we took one with the leica.. then we managed also to do the polaroid. it's pretty complicated to expose with a sx-70 on a 600 film.. but now i know how to do it (with ND filter)


that was february


Kirby said...

"..crawls out of their caves.." haha.

Anyway, how ideal to use your fridged 100e GX to shoot food from the fridge lol. Congrats on the sx-70 w/ 600 discovery too.

Great February posts. I truly enjoyed.

Wid said...

Some pretty nice frames in this entry.

my faves,
IMG12326s.jpg -- cool lines, and I still remember that place from your dA's street shootout contest entry back then ;)

IMG12440s.jpg -- really love how the colors work out in this one!

IMG12443s.jpg -- not sure what, perhaps the arrangement of the cars, or it's the light/shadow, but I generally adore the atmosphere

Stelios said...

the 5D produces really nice colours (or is it my idea?)

busy Feb! keep it up


Tina said...

and the last 2 frames are my favs.

your february looks much warmer than mine!

Tina said...
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Michael said...

IMG12330s.jpg ... passt perfekt mit dem spruch im fenster ;)

IMG12337s.jpg ... pures posing .. :D .. also das nenn ich mal echt kamot, .. "die liebe familie" :D

IMG12384s.jpg .. noch so ein semi-poser haha

10AP0017.jpg .. geiles bild, . .absolut spitze .. geschmäcker san verschieden, aber mir gefällt die belichtung hier echt total

und dass die mitn Bernhard nicht abgesprochen hast ist ja echt arg, .. tja so kommen dann oft die witzigen zufälle zustande .. die bilder ähneln sich ja wirklich total

ps: nett zwischendurch die farbfotos, .. schiesst die jetzt nur digital oder ist da auch film drunter? achja und meld dich doch bitte mal auf meine anfrage von zuletzt .. bzgl. orator - gibt's den noch? (frag vorallem wegen apx 100 wo ich mal wieder nachschub brauch)

Sebastian said...

Hih auf den Post hab ich gewartet. Fein alles, wie immer :)

Sebastian said...

Da fällt mir noch ein .. machst du deine Farbfilme auch in eurer DuKa oder lässt du die in nem Labor machen ?

Suzan said...

This frame:
is fantastic!
Love the colours and the expression. Really nice!
Good to see some photos from you again, enjoyable as always.
Hope all is well!

Yama said...

you seem to be shooting a lot of color, it's awesome how tasteful the shots have come out.

Kirby said...

Nice entry man, glad to hear that your February is warmer than mine here in England. I love the colours that you get with the 5D, what lens were you using with that?

Favourite frames:
Good tones + kid + endearing mother = :)
This is just a really peaceful shot

Good stuff

smkblog said...

first half of the entry colour photos were taken with 1dsMKII + 35/1.4

second half colour photos are first slide film kodak 100e GX and then 400nc, taken with leitz summicron 35/2

no canon 5d featured there but the next entry will be full of it ;)

shashank said...

Strange 2 rolls of velvia 100 myself(for free with a om1)...never shot slides before...heard its pretty unforgiving...

Stelios said...

yeah I was talking about the digital ones.I thought you only had the 5D but it seems you got alot more expensive equipment.
seems like you get similar results with both of them which is really good colours. is it the sensor?the white balance? raw conversion?

Anonymous said...

some very good stuff as usual. liking the miriam portrait for your series. can i see the other photos of this series somewhere?

i shot some 120 e100gx last week and was surprised to read on the box 'extremely fine grain/warm balance'. didn't really notice warm balance compared to other film, did you?

i use a different way of getting normal exposures on 600 polaroid with my sx70. there's a sort of nd-filter in front of the light meter that i took out and when taking a picture the exposure compensation dial should be turned all the way to the black side. don't know if it gives the exact same exposure as putting an nd in front of the lens, but my pola's look fine. the advantage is the viewfinder doesn't get darker and the shutter speed will be shorter.


Pekka said...

Dunno why but somehow got this good'ol times feeling. Maybe it's the color tones of slides. :D

Still I have to pick up a b/w photo.
That child walking on right is great.

Just ace entry.

Jamie Stoker said...

Ah dude, those last two frames are so nice, 400NC is a lovely film (although well expensive over here in the UK) so I shoot Fuji 400H instead. It doesnt print as well, but scans better and you get nice unsaturated colors. Main thing however is its cheeaaap.

Just got a Coolscan V. Teaching myself how to use it but it seems a little fiddly!

Adam Douglas said...

that empty bumper car place reminds me of chernobyl for some reason, creepy. Nice frames on 400 nc, i need to shoot my rolls, almost expired.

Christopher said...

i only just found this image with the polaroid! pretty effin stoked when i saw it (; thanks man

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