Sunday, April 29, 2007

i've lent my nikon coolscan until tuesday. so i shot this digital one for you ! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

kinda funny how i/we've been going out almost every day since a week without any particular reason.

the following photos are trix@2000 again.

endstation "grillbar".. a place for weird people, i had like 5 curry-saussages there in the last week ..

i'm really proud of this frame, focus, exposure, composition, moment.. for being drunk it turned out great ;)

a guy trying to sleep.

we were playing cards. they shared the win, since they had the same hand. i like the photo even if i just wanted to document the tie.

i somehow emptied schefs beer.. so he poured(sp?) some of mine into his glas and forgot about the foam (lol)

lorant was out first :P

this is how i won. we both had a full house, so actually a tie.. the only card that could have changed that was the last "2".. i don't know the possibility for it but i think it's 9% or something.. it was funny to win so luckily :D

m for markus and e for expression. one of my best portraits in the morgenstern, negative wise.. not the best place to take photos ;)

1/4th here. everytime i take photos with that shutterspeed, i take a second one to be sure to have a non blurry one.. most of the times i can't make a difference but it's funny that it's often the first photo that is sharp.


really liking this one (also tonewise). trix is just great material.

something stuck in lolas head..

loving the dogs expression :D

after we had enjoyed some "intoxicant(s)" we started to get entertained by this thing.

i can only say "YEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH"

someone at flickr asked me if i expose the trix on 2000 only in bad light situations or also when i have "enough" light...

i expose it on each frame >>correctly<<>

so there i had f2.8 1/125 exposed on 2000iso (+ND8 filter = -3ev > 250iso) developed 17:30min 20C° xtol 1:1 3x/30s movement.

i'm really proud of this exposure guess ;)

miriam and her contacts..

here i've used the ND again, to make the 2000iso a 250.. so i had f2.8 1/1000 instead of f8 1/1000. makes sense eh ?

Friday, April 20, 2007

starting with some bandshots.

trix400 + ND8

s'plauscherl.. this is vienniese :D

they started to bark after i took a photo, weird dogs.

one of the burggarten freaks. you know him already from an old blog post i think.


nice bag !

big beer can #1


one of those raver guys.. tu tu tut tata tu tut tut ta ta tat uz uz uz uz uz uz blechh uz uz zu dam dam dam dam tratratratrt dam dam dam

my fav photo from that roll probably. trix400+ND8 f2.8 1/125. reflecting sun(set)light.

dart club family

trix400 exp. on 400

exp. on 800. i like xtol ;)

plusx now.

guilty ? for the baby ?

tones :)

hipshaat. f2.4 i think

subtility at it's best. that's street art!

and #3 ! :)

more art.

miriam shortly before yawning

miriam yawning

miriam and the basil

weird people live in bernhards area.

weird people with dogs.

hola !