Friday, April 20, 2007

starting with some bandshots.

trix400 + ND8

s'plauscherl.. this is vienniese :D

they started to bark after i took a photo, weird dogs.

one of the burggarten freaks. you know him already from an old blog post i think.


nice bag !

big beer can #1


one of those raver guys.. tu tu tut tata tu tut tut ta ta tat uz uz uz uz uz uz blechh uz uz zu dam dam dam dam tratratratrt dam dam dam

my fav photo from that roll probably. trix400+ND8 f2.8 1/125. reflecting sun(set)light.

dart club family

trix400 exp. on 400

exp. on 800. i like xtol ;)

plusx now.

guilty ? for the baby ?

tones :)

hipshaat. f2.4 i think

subtility at it's best. that's street art!

and #3 ! :)

more art.

miriam shortly before yawning

miriam yawning

miriam and the basil

weird people live in bernhards area.

weird people with dogs.

hola !


Ryan Marr said...

I like these

I like that you kept the bag one big. Nice courtesy. I'm cooking a steak I have to go.

Ryan Marr said...

I forgot to mention this

beautiful observation.

Adam said...

nice! and those are some weird people with psycho dogs

Tomé Duarte said...

does bernhard live in bernhards area?



Tomé Duarte said...

oh, ND can really be very useful but on #1 and #2 i'd definitely like to have more dof.

a big yay or weird people! ^^

Luke Neher said...

Your favourite one should go nicely on creamy agfa paper.
nice entry.

Fergus said...


artis said...

last shot my fav! haha

Big James said...

That's the best Miriam yawning shot yet. Laughing my arse off here.

hairychick said...

geniale töne ;)

michael kurz said...

also miriam kurz vor und dann beim schrei, .. lustig ;) .. aber auch sonst , schöne bilder dabei .. gut eingefangen .. so manche situation wirkt richtig geil, zB in der bim und so.

sieht man sich evtl. morgen/übermorgen mal .. oder wirst die duka nicht verlassen? ;)

michael kurz said...

.. achja, edit (geht ja leider nicht) ".. und guck mal in deine gmx!" danke

sixohfour said...

The very last photo made my day. Thanks for that.

recycled android said...

you and your dogs man...

love the new photos!

You are street photography....

Suzan said...

tu tu tut tata tu tut tut ta ta tat uz uz uz uz uz uz blechh uz uz zu dam dam dam dam tratratratrt dam dam dam? Hahaha! Really like that shot.
And the sequence of the 3 Miriam shots. The basil one is very funny I think. The bus must have smelled nice with those bushes of fresh basil in it.
Oh, I like the portrait with the cigarette too, very simple and classic.

Stelios said...

damn you and your bike shots.
and the yawn project is funny.
and the tatuatuatat guy in the bus. buses are the place to shoot.