Monday, January 29, 2007

a roll of trix, exposed at 2400iso, developed 16min 21C°, moving 3 times every 30 seconds. because someone asked.

first time snow in vienna. didn't last for a day though..

in the class again.

sie fickte ihr leben selbst in die hand !

some party later on.

Friday, January 26, 2007

smelly, smelly, smelly !!

pirate baby

liking this frame


like in the good ol' times. never seen one of these open. nowadays you buy the tickets via touchscreen.. how oldschool

his hat says "deutschland"

you're talking 'bout nespresso, right ? yeah, what else..

my class is making some kind of exhibition every year. it's time again.


vorglühen with 16er-blech hüsn for free.

short stop at mac-d. someone wearing sunglasses at night. seriously awesome. loving the one on the left ha.

we've been to con-art gig. nice band, se-very.

decided to leave though and went to good old morgenstern.

baby is in focus, so is the mother. baby's looking at me. shall print it probably.

went to next pub. 2am. zipp aka zipf!! were playing table soccer all night in both bars.

table dancing included !

sorry dude. they don't want to take of their shirts like you do..

while we were playing soccer, babsy was shooting some frames. she's responsible for the transparent gap on the film... ;) still this one was almost in focus and correctly exposed.

she's smoking gauloises..

she's good at table soccer.. that's all i remember.

about 4:30am. a foreign lady joins us. switched film from trix+3 to trix. you can see the difference in tonal range and detail a lot..

6:08am went to bed. 10am got up. still feeling drunk wie schwein. had a short shooting of some business dude. went back home. slept till 4pm. now it's 1am one day later.. slowly getting rid of the alcohol-feel.

nite nite

oh. and here is the solution for the "what's nude art and what's porn" game.
every star is a picture found on pornographic sites, every other with the DA symbol is a deviation from deviantart.