Monday, January 29, 2007

a roll of trix, exposed at 2400iso, developed 16min 21C°, moving 3 times every 30 seconds. because someone asked.

first time snow in vienna. didn't last for a day though..

in the class again.

sie fickte ihr leben selbst in die hand !

some party later on.


Suzan said...

Ah, just checked Bernhard's latest blogentry and now yours and I'm feeling all - dare I say it? - inspired.

Kira said...

This may sound very wierd, but the way you make "dead" things to look alive is very impressing.I mean,those cars look as they were bears during their winter sleep.

and i'll dare too agree with Suzan,inspiring indeed.

stelios said...

why the hell shoot a trix at 2400? (is this a joke?)

nice usuall

smkblog said...

it's no joke. all "trix+3" are exposed at 2400iso. i meter at 3200 and add a half step.

if i meter at 3200 and expose at 3200, i'd have to develope it at 18-20min perhaps.. i used to have underexposed negatives when shooting at 3200 and developing at 3200 too..

either you have to develope it longer, or expose it at ~2400iso.

stelios said...

interesting...I meter and develop at 3200. Xtol 1+1 about 20mins.(depending temperature) I'll try your way next time see what I get.
thanx for the tip.

Luke Neher said...

With all the talk of correct exposure being the be all end all - I was wondering: could you help me out with what time to use with tri-x at 800.
What time do you develop in xtol for trix at 800?

smkblog said...

@luke: usually it doesn't matter how you expose trix between 400 and 800 iso because it's the same developing time (9min) at 20C° movint 2-3times every 30seconds.

ratjadi said...

i am looking and reading now for quite a while and very impressed. i wrote a few days ago on the last entry (in german), but english maybe better since there are a lot of english-speaking here.
First: look whom you shot here

he is a regular visitor in wuerfel cafe. i have some pics (also of him) from the christmas party:

ok, regarding how much you shoot, no wonder that you finally got one of Heinrich ;-))

a question on your pics: are the posted pics mostly neg-scans or from prints? if neg-scans, do you process them before posting? i often wonder how flat mine look. exposure and dev issues probably.
then again, since i got an idea from your pics what correct exposure really means, how do you meter? external meter, spot? and more for the highlights or shadows?
because i like how your pictures look alife with bright faces or lights and contrast. a lot to learn...

i know, many people ask similar question, it's all spread across the entries, maybe you should make a faq (sev's faq, sounds good, hm) ;-))

ratjadi said...

ok, the link should be Heinrich

smkblog said...

wenn du in der duka mitglied bist, sehen wir uns eh heut abend beim johannes !?

da kannst du mich das alles fragen ;)

smkblog said...

oh and.. i haven't posted printscans in ages now..

i'm only posting negscans at the moment and i don't change a thing in PS except resize, crop and desaturation and sharpening if resize looks blurry..

ratjadi said...

sorry, i messed things up.

Heinrich in the tram, and at the cafe.

Not that important, but i found it funny...

ratjadi said...

naja, ich bin noch nicht mitglied. die angelika wollte sich bis heut melden, hat sie aber noch nicht.
wie auch immer, heut abend bin ich schon in der Kunstalle verplant - Americans zum 2. mal ;-)

ausserdem hab ich eh noch viel digitales zeugs zum durcharbeiten, hab noch nichtmal die silvester-pics gepostet, grrr.

aber danke für die antwort. wir sehen uns sicher, wenn ich das mit der angelika geklärt hab.

Josh said...

thanks, but is that 1:1 or is that ure xtol?

smkblog said...


i don't use stock usually

Josh said...

Got Leica? XD

(original url was too long, so I used a shortener)