Monday, August 06, 2007

was shooting my first wedding recently. kinda on the traces of sean and trueblood, well i wish ... ;)

the couple.

some sort of preparation work

someone looking serious

another one

flying young lady.


couples son

very unexpected, it began to piss heavily during the ceremony

look who cought me here.

since it was still raining cats and dogs, everyone tried to stay inside as long as possible, except me ha.

finally they dared.

i wish i would have had a 24mm here, i wish i would have had 5 frames per second on my M6, i wish i would have had more light for this shot (f4 1/250th 2000iso), i wish i wouldn't have had to run backwards taking this photo.. i wish, i wish... no luck this time.

those kids and their soap bubbles.

why would you cut feet here ? stoooooooooopid...

good frame.

daddys suit.

his shirt-eyes combo was kinda freaking me out.. haha.

later inside the bar, there was (no) light.. ;) 50/1.4 1/15th 1600iso... and 1,6crop. don't ask me how this photo could turn out that way..

this is film though. i think the exposure is pretty spot on.

the dj was playing all-time-hits like "kung foo fighting"

good exposure guess :D

it got crazier.

this frame somehow makes me think of jamie truebloods work.

and the party goes on..

more alcohol please.

.. must say this wedding was great fun..


fp said...

i love this set! especially 107, 9169, 9361, 9345. superb.

recycled android said...

awesome photos!
i think alot of them are good...

Stelios said...

You gave the after-wedding-party photos a different look. at least different from what I see in my country. Good ones. Seems like they partied alot (although no drunk pictures were included)

l'ex said...

immer noch mit das beste, wo alex mit der krawatte rennt :D

Lenart Senica said...

Great photographs! Each has its own story - that's why they are so special.
I am big fan of your work.
Lenart Senica

Nana said...

haha that little girl caught you in the act

some of the photos are great as usual

good luck with another wedding photoshoot, Sev!

bobsch said...

too much over-exp on the first one on the dres... blends unpleasantly with the background... but that's just taste^^

anyway - well done ;-) the fotos are great. =)

did you do them all on film, or did you take your digital-slr, too?

tw said...

hmm.. nice work. i think that's been said in 5 different ways in all the comments already though..

i particularly like the one where the little girls are hesitant before coming out of the church after the rain.

Lola said...

i love all of the set. i don't go to weedings but i would have tried this one :)

chris weeks said...

what's even cooler ... even if the wedding sucked ... you made it look like it was amazing!

mahomo said...

love the girls in the door. great stuff as usual :D

Arthur said...

Hi Severin, das hast du wirklich gut gemacht. Vor Hochzeitsfotografen hab ich großen Respekt. Das ist zB sehr schön.

i am sunni said...

amazing variety in the photos! i love the after party shots, looks like bride and groom and reception were an awesome bunch of people. i like that you took some photos in colour.

Filip Hlavac said...

Hey Sev,
I know hundreds must have asked you already BUT- do you simply remember all the exposure time or do you write them down somewhere after you take the shot or whatever? I just wonder...

sev said...

i remember the exposures, simply because i set them manually, i just use to connect the settings with a motif, especially when the settings were pretty fiddly..

James D. Kelly said...

yansci said...

hey mr. koller..
have been following ur blog for a while what i liked abt it was the consistency in the quality of the pictures..and it shows in this entry as well,but i must say that the latter part of the wedding pics look a bit ugly due to the orange casts..but all in all nice..

Wan Xiong said...

These photos are way superb, they are so far the best for the first start. However I have to disagree with Yansci's comment about the orange cast. The orange cast shows a great movement and brings up the energy of joy in those photos.

keep it up,

regards, Wan Xiong

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