Friday, August 17, 2007

this entry will feature lots of random photographs of family and friends over to drunken people, of which i know some pretty well to not so well, then you'll see some complete foreigners on the street too and what god knows.....

i think more than 130 photos, which means the biggest entry i've posted so far.. way too much art for you guys and girls, but let's give it a try.

so i try to start in the correct chronologic order.

this photo was taken on my way to st.wolfgang, the lake, you know, i showed some photos.. i went there another time.

film apx100

also taken in this train. the typical "i've got nothing to do, let's go to pee and take a self". the light in these toilets is always nice, i dunno why.

switching train. on the trainstation i bought myself a snickers.. i was regretting it a few minutes later, since it was really damn hot that day, so that my snickers melt to a sncers which didn't taste that good anymore.

there is franka with the new extra-porno-glasses. wich means, you can't see her, she can't see you either. great for poker i assume.

then we had some pasta

with a brand new bottle of tabasco.

and the wodka.. gras one.

later we made fire. we had a lighter, it wasn't hard as in tom hanks case.

400iso and fire, i think 1/2 second exposure here... crazy.

now completely different. vienna again. apx100 again. miriam again. kinda typical thing for her to stop somewhere in the middle of the pavement to change something with her shoes and while doing all that talking about some fancy stories that happened to her last night or weekend.

it can happen that you go somewhere with miriam and you almost say no word until you're there, since she is so into her stories (which i enjoy).. well at least i can take photos.

this guy turned 49. lolz... my father had birthday.

at my grandfather's place we had lots of meat (the good stuff) and of course cheese and schnaps, for schnapsshots*

*(pat. 321 bernhard wolf)

the cheese above kinda fascinated me. you had to peel it down with that construction. yummy stuff.

actually after wine, champagne and beer my grandfather always brings the way too strong but way too good boul... meaning everyone starts to get a little drunk at 3pm.

my aunt. she's cool and next to her my father's gf, cool too.

like 2 years ago, i was going to a festival for free because lorant is a magician at infoscreen..

anyway. i was at the trainstation, waiting for lorant. there i took this one.

note: from this time on, my leica completely lost it's metering powers. so i had to start to completely shoot without any metering..


i realized while scanning that some photos were really spot on, exposure wise.. until i got drunk at least.

i really liked this view. and again the metering worked out pretty well.

lorant bought himself a coke, like always in a can. funny thing about this can was that it couldn't stand on it's own, since the bottom was weirdly dent so that the can always tilted and fell the moment you placed it somewhere... so we had some little amusement with this can.

on the other train, there were almost only people who went to this festival. this young lady was getting ready as you can clearly see and the fella beside her seemed rather unimpressed.

switching to trix exp. on 2000iso aka trix2k. still guessing exposure.. nice.

some people were really destroyed even before they arrived there.

the thing that bothered me a little was that this guy seemed to have to puke all the time and since i was sure he would not hit the window, but try to, the airstream would have hit me completely with all the soup. i tried to capture this.. but it didn't happen.

this guy i called "good fucker" then took the photo.

later we tried to enter with our really cute old grandpa camaeras (leica m6 and lorant with this olympus om1).. but they wouldn't let us in.

so there came andi. aka the reddish... he helped us a little. thanks andi, here is your photo.

first impressions of the area. still on the exposure guess trip. f2.8 1/30th 2000iso. it was almost night.

here an 1/8th to capture all the fancy laser beams.

i had a look myself. this was the drum and bass area of the festival.. with lotsa laser beams..

f2.8 1/125th. the good old setting i use when i take these. i like how the dj is hit by two of the laser beams right in the head.. haha, good timing.

since lorant won the tickets, we got VIPs... this was the VIP bar.. where i spent too much money in these two days.

then we made party. drinking shaking, drinking and shaking again smoking some and well.. i didn't want to waste film... so i started shooting again after i woke up at about 4:30am..

lorant was still sleeping. he was in this position for hours. everytime i came back to see if he had woken up, he was still sitting there like that.

so i went outside to see what's going on... still dark so i shot the trix2k.

went back to the main stage.. where some people were left. mostly securitys and sleeping people. i really like this shot, showing how serious the paramedics take their job :D

one more alc-body.

the VIP area was still dark. they tried to keep it dark inside all day, so that people still assume that it was night even when it was noon already...

outside there were these typical sleeping human bodies.

i wonder if he tried to open and enter his sleeping bag but fell asleep before he managed in that position. really really fancy.

i liked those two..

on the D'N'B area there was still party going on.. i guess it was 5:30 to 6am.

i sometimes felt like in resident evil or house of dead, watching some people dance.

he was watching them too. he seemed as amused as me. DON'T LET THEM BITE YOU !

it kinda seemed like this young lady used this sunflower more as a crutch..

i met lisa and her friends. last photo berfore they went to bed. 6:30am ?

finally my fellas woke up too. let's have some toast. i like all the different mugs in the back.

first cig. a manitou ? the cigarette looked as wasted as lorant himself.

we actually planned not to stay for another day, because i had to work for the wedding couple. in the end we decided to have one or two more beer at 6:45am in the morning.

more zombieeeeeeeees

finally more light. shooting trix again.

this is THE wiesen photographer. i wonder what his photos look like.. he always has great poses while shooting.

the sun entered. i gueesed f8 1/500th on 400iso.. and i think this was spot on. i like this very much actually.

someone building a "cigarette"?

it seemed as if he couldn't open his eyelids anymore so he had to pull them down too see something.

a sleeping guy and another trying to ignore me.

emo ?

this is how lorant and i slept later.. after the two beer we decided to stay for another day. which was a good decision, because this was a fine festival.

we went outside to get some money from the ATM in "town"...

on the way there we crossed some weird cars.

we also met this single person. a man with cigaretts and beer. it was saturday 8am and the only thing we shared was our state "getting drunk already".

we had our beer cans on the way to the ATM. then i went for a piss and placed my can right there... i later realized that the sign saying "CAUTION! playing children" was there. funny thing about is their expression they have while looking right on the beercan... i found that really amusing.

so we finally went to "bed" at 9:30am something.

at 1pm they kicked us out.. they had to clean the whole place for an hour. so we decided to go the the only supermarked around to get something to eat and drink.

on the way there, lorant found some completely fucked up glasses on the street. it seemed like a car drove over it.

since we were not successful with getting some chicks, we thought we'd might get some with these great glasses.

this was the best car in town. i really needed to pose in front of it (with the new glasses)

we got us some booze and sat down on a bench and enjoyed the sun. lorant used some lens to lit his cigarettes.. it worked really well.

later somehow the special pimp glasses got adjusted a littlebit. the "pornomonocle" was born !

she was enjoying a corncob.

more drunk people.

a stranger with our pornomoncle.

later we met tamar and other people.

i was stupid enough to switch to colour...

1/4th at f2.0 here ? i dunno, it was freaking dark.

on my way home (lorant decided to stay for one more hour..) i shared a taxi with some other young strangers to the trainstation. i really liked the light.. i think this capture tourned out well.

there were some chickens.

and this young pretty lady. took this frame of her.

almost arrived in vienna, there were still some poeple wearing these 3d-glasses.. almost for 10 hours already. the one on the right lost his purse and had to go back to the festival area.. hahah damnit.

the next days lots of beerconsume was followed.. i didn't take my broken leica or bessa with me to document this.. so i the first photos i took again were digital.

tamar and lorant stayed over at my place after we were going out till 8am...

the morning after.

i started to shoot again, who knows why ? shooting with bessa on the day. i loaded this apx400 (my first ever) assuming it was a apx100.. so exposed the first 10 frames on 100iso in daylight.. fancy.

some men would fear her.

kinda found it funny.

starting to expose on 400 here:

went to play poker (see bernhards blog). got there with schef by car. traffic lights are always good for a photo.

this is the "all in" faces shot.

he was pimpin !

finally beer arrived.. thank god there is (i'm an alcaholic) where you can order beer for cheap in the middle of the night.

somehow this finnish lady seemed to win against us poker-pros.... bernhard is trying to hide his small stack under a bottle of beer.

she obviously won.

some shots left on the apx400. weird guy.

starting an apx100, finally the right film.

i thought i'd take a self, since i had a few days free of the army where i didn't have to shave every fucking day and kinda tried to collect some beard again to look like myself finally again... so i needed a photo of the little hair in my face and me.

oh some street art....

the ad on the left is saying "granny, look she's even older than you!". it's an advert for the vienniese zoo, that has some old turtles too... i really like the shot.

a pretty woman napping.

austrian history showing through.

the ad on the right is saying something like "18000 children die on nothing every day". the pose of the man to the left was somehow ironic. McDonnalds in on the photo too... hmm.

these still lifes are boring. at least on a scan.

this one is for bernhard.

let's meet someone. the two Ms. Markus and Marius. it was a gayday. really nice day.

apx100 rocking my socks !

skipped the burggarten to a great roofgarden where we had salad and red wine.. sun is setting, it's getting romantic !

markus doing some spice. i wonder what he's thinking about...


cheers. red wine always a good thing.

well we had some darkroom business left. so we had to leave this wonderful roofgarden again. the elevator was almost as small as the one at markus place. but we all fit in the frame.

later that night i destroyed this certain print that made me GO CRAZY... i was really really mad. (see last blog entry)

i somehow managed to take photos in the morgenstern, which i really really don't remember.. maybe someone else took them ?

here is just one of these.

on my way home i met these fellas.

here is the guy with the shirt i mentioned already.

well... the free time was over and i had to go back to the barracks again, taking one last photo right before shaving all the nice beard off... so this is the longest period possible of not shaving during the army i ever had and will ever have... haha.

since i had the camera with me again, it was time to document some of the really important things we do all day.

that day there was a guy at the medical examation who was wearing a pretty daring shirt. he was declared incapable for the austrian army because of it... it says something like:

"listen to the voice of your blood, that menacingly is talking to you! bethink yourself your origin and don't disown it" sorry for my english.. i think the content is pretty clear.

i asked if i could have a photo of it.

more of our serious and important tasks at the military. i like his shoe position.

at the exercise ECG station people have to bike a little.. i like his expression after he was done.

rekr.reif and stix. very important things again.

smoking in between seems to make most sense.

rerk. traxler aka drägsau had a bad day.. he was the only one who had to work probably... haha.

while the others were smoking one after another.

he was sitting there for almost 24h... that's the job of the watch in the austrian army.

rekr. reif throwing a pen on rekr. reiter who is sleeping 90% of the time.

rekr. dräsau after work.

neda after "work".

some recruits.

smoking again

after office hours.. we had pizza.


upcoming artist looking on upcoming negatives.

"devil is dead"

a sad story of a small peaceful dog called "devil" that was bitten to death by another small peaceful dog called "he just wanna play". let's have a minute of silence.

the menancholy of a beergarden.

meet leoni, the lady behind the bar recently.

here with open hair.

meet koarlie, or something. he is an aspiring porn producer trying to find new talents, among other things leonie.. but she declined politely.

um. lorant must have taken this one.

here is lorant. late hours.

finally. blog posting is over. this was a long one


lorantracz said...

geilgeilgeil...vor allem pornokoarlieööö

aber wenig farbfotos vom uaf?! nix geworden?

das bild mit dem rekr. mistkübel ist geil!

smkblog said...

uhm 143 photos..... damnit

Eva said...

Nice entry. :)
Enjoyed it.

Sebastian said...

schicke brille

143 fotos .. der längste eintrag den ich bisher glesen habe. aber ned dass du jetz dauernd soviel postest :p

damien said...

Beautiful post severin,
some of the photos are really great, especially those who portrays people.

Klaus said...

Unterhaltsamer Beitrag mit knusper Fotos. Selten so gelacht wie beim Pornokel äh pornomonocle

Diane. said...

I loved this entry. Amazing job.
This one is great , but I laso liked the one with that person sleeping on the grass with the glass on the right. Really really nice photos.

Sebastian said...

Sehr hübsche Bilder. Sag, seits ihr in St. Pölten ? Das kommt mir so grauslich bekannt vor der ort ..

artis said...

wooh, enjoyed this a lot. literally!!

markus said...

haha, gayday? sehr treffend...
das foto vom schlafenden lorant find ich super-spritzig.

theReddish said...

wurde aber auch zeit!

travis blanston said...

hey man. nice photographs. very fancy and enjoyable. thanks for sharing.

simonbw said...

es war einfach 100% nötig dass ihr gleich eine studivz gruppe dafür machts :P

Tanya said...

143 pics? It didn't feel like so many :o <-- I like this a lot for some reason. <-- wow those eyes..

Nice shots of Markus" <-- this one reminded me of the pic you drew of him when we were going to meet him haha.

fp said...

more huge entries!!! :)) i love this. i could watch your photos all the time. i love the one in the toilet (lit greatly indeed), the one with fire, miriam standing, andi, 9476s alc-body, first dancing zombies (i had a huge laugh out of this, yeah!), lorant-wasted-cigarette ;) the emo guy, lorant with glasses, lol, you as a car lover ;> and another lorant with sexy glasses, gyus with 3d glasses... lorant in colour smoking a cigarette, smashed eggs, your-self 9damnit, you're handsome), two grandmas, 18000 children (brilliant photo), still life, in the elevator, rotfl the shirt is cool, so is the guy :)) important things you do in the army, haha, 9659s has nice light, the smoking one (9666s) is really funny, the malancholy, ah, indeed.

Suzan said...

Very enjoyable entry! I checked it some days ago when I couldn't sleep and it was a perfect passtime.
I won't even start listing my fav's, because I dig a lot of it!
And belated congrats on the 100th entry! That's a lot, mate. I can hardly keep up updating my blog once a month.

jamie said...

Really great entry,
great to be reading your blog again dude

Adam said...

"i loaded this apx400 (my first ever) assuming it was a apx100.. so exposed the first 10 frames on 100iso in daylight.. fancy."

Why not just keep exposing the rest of the roll at 100 and then develop accordingly?