Sunday, May 20, 2007

i know you're all excited to see the military stuff, but before i post these, i'll make an entry with the photos i took before and beside (on weekends) the military service. to seperate it.

i got an email from nina about 3 weeks ago. when i was 8 and she was 7 we were good friends. you could say first gf and bf probably, for that age of course..

anyway. 13 years later out of nothing i got this mail, after we had no contact at all in that time.. so we met.

must say, i had good taste at the age of 8 already ;)

schönbrunn people:

at the table behind me, there was this couple kissing all the time.. i uploaded a bigger version for you guys ;)

she's a smoker.

16-35L @ 16 probably. now i know what i'm doing wrong, why people don't feel that my photos are professional...

miriam's comment to this photo was "aliens in schönbrunn" :D

she's smoking too much, like all of my friends..

now to more random stuff:

trying to shoot with plusx in my ktichen.

3 very different ladys:

austrian's most popular newspaper(s) always have a photo of a half/naked woman on page 1. always a good reason to pretend to read the newspaper, but instead looking at softporn in the public transport instead, rigth ?

guy who wanted to light his cigarette, but fell asleep instead.

this image is called "ZIPFFFFFFFFF" (for bernhard)

feet aren't cropped on the negative.. old vienniese women scene deluxe ;)

hipshots need practice.. sometimes i hardly remember if it was taken from the hip or normal, because on 2.8 spot on focus, straight lines, well balanced composition, doesn't look like a hipshot.. like i said, practice and you'll make useful hipshots.

lady at the marked

b-w subject i think.

some people treat their doggies like completely disabled creatures :D

too bad i had f2 1/30 in the moving bus because of the darkened windows.. still i like the image

vienna art fair:

my favourite there:

*insert party here*

after the party, about 7am, we went to have breakfast:

7:30am the subway is full of knocked out people:

"dinner for one"

a lady for bernhard:

please full view: ;)

"this belly was expensive"

films used: mainly plusx and a few trix normal ones.


Will Cassell said...

Plus-x in the kitchen goes down very well in my book! Also you are very right about the people being knocked out on the trains! Some really good shots here as usual. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the military stuff - though I don't know why... compulsory army service sees people like you wasting time when you could be wide shooting architecture like you do best. Keep shooting.

Anonymous said...

This Cassell fellow speaks ze truth.
Great post mate, look forward to seeing the military work.

Suzan said...

Hey, nice to see you around still. I like the one of the marketlady a lot. And just the random portraits of your friends.
I was wondering, do you still shoot architecture so much? I thought not, but hey, all I see is what you show on your blog of course. But that comment of Will Cassell had me wondering. Because, well perhaps it's just because I don't really care for that genre, but I don't think architecture is what you do best. I dig what you do now more.

theReddish said...

haha, bei den knocked out people hab i eins vom sebastian auch erwartet! ;)

Carlo said...

The guy in the metro peeking at the nice lady... that's really great shot!

Keep up Severin!

(lab-developed negatives this times, I suppose?)

Sebastian said...

ja geschmack hat er. und die ubahn in der früh war ja die reinste goldgrube wie's scheint. die frau im bus mit dem kind an der brust sticht raus, sehr schön.

James said...

We know this guy!

Mister bent neck outside the stamp/army stuff shop!

I wonder if his neck is always at a weird angle like that.

artis said...

brilliant.. digging all the shots!
the comment on 'full view' made me LOL hard :D

hairychick said...

schön, schön..

und dein geschmack, ja, ja ... :D