Tuesday, March 06, 2007

actually most of my recent photos are meaningless, so meaningless and unspectacular, that i didn't plan to submit any.. but it seems like it's one of these routine things, you just do, even if you don't see the reason everytime. so i share photos again and some of you will like some of them.. but i know that probably none of these negatives will ever see an enlarger.

i don't have much more to say about the following photos. they have not much content, that's probably the reason.

i found it idiotique to make a keybord with 103 keys, for each number it's own key. imagine calcualtors were made like that..

she was asleep, or seemd so. the moment i hit the trigger, she woke up.. she must have been quite confused :D

what an ugly bag of cats !

and what an ugly bag of dogs ! (ps: she was sitting almost right in front of the lady with the cat-bag. i've never seen one bag like these.. but these were almost the same bags, just the one was with cats and the other with dogs)

wasting the last frame. didn't know what she did behind me. yawning obviously.

weird guy on the toilet.

me on the "toilet"

now some more meaningless photos:


Suzan said...

Perhaps not such a spectacular entry, but I certainly like a bunch in these. Perhaps I'm not that much into spectacular photography anyway. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm not :P Quiet moments seem to please me more, when it comes to capturing things on film.

I especially like the photo of the buttons - very nicely composed, all in all makes for a fascinating photograph, I think.
Miriam looks lovely as ever on film. And that double portrait of yours is really funny! :)

Tomé Duarte said...

you're a fucking nihilistic bastard, ok??

what the fuck do you mean, meaningless? as suze said maybe there isn't much "spectacularism" but... fuck "spectacularism". you have some very nice frames in there.

the ones on le metro are quite nice, and love the fff one.

and then... then... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

cougarr said...

The photo with you and miriam in the background is amazing.

Joe Alisa said...

The fucking piss shot is hilarious.

Kira said...

instead of writing a furious comment concerning the "meaningless" and the "unspectacular" I'll just agree with Suz and Tome.

The photo of you and miriam is pure gold haha!

stelios said...

Last frames are always rocking (and wasted)

john said...

the piss image is great too...all the others are like most of the others you usually post! dont see any big difference to your "meaningful" shots actually!

Adam said...

i agree with suzan, its not spectacular, but its not meaningless either, half the time i shoot film, its random frames like these

Adriana said...
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Adriana said...

Wow, I finally found your blog again. Certainly missed seeing your photographs. They're quite a delight.

adamkozlowski said...

this little doggie is highly badass.

sean said...

solid images as usaul. It's been a while since I have stopped by. Keep it up, Mate.


chris Weeks said...

i think the dog photo is perfectly meaninful, mate.

hope you've been well!