Sunday, February 25, 2007

yes. i'm continuing to post my neg scans, of course i do. i just want to seperate prints (selected images) from my blog.

so here a trix again. 18:30min 21C° moving 3x/30seconds. xtol 1:1 exposed at 1600-2400iso

she wanted a new ID for a website. so i added her to this "series".

we were cooking later that night. actually it worked out. 50/2@2 + close up (DR-summicron)

were playing snooker later. this was the looongest kick.. he even had to balance with his leg.

for everyone who hasn't had the possibility to read the sayings in our main pub ;) ps: yeah the summi is sharp.

he won the price for being most drunk that night. it has been about 4am already.

schef and i won 2 free beer because we won against the owners 10:0 in table soccer. what a game !! quick and to the point. like that queens of the stone age song, well almost..

again we got kicked out. it was about 5am. schef is pissing on a church. i had to do that too then.

we went to the infamous "grill-bar". number one adress for late night hot-dogs and curry-sausages. each of us had one of these. this benz parked outside. this place is always good to meet all kind of people, pimps, beggars, people from villach, the police, phil collins..

we thought that this man was the mercedes' driver. that pissed him off.. because he was driving an audi. he was kinda posh.. or more yuppi or almost guppi ! well.. he saw me there with my camera.. and said "are you taking a photo of me with that leica" the photo happened somewhere in between these words.. i was way to tired to meter or focus after 10hours printing in the darkroom, developing films, cooking, snooker, table-soccer, beer, vodka, curry-saussages..... but it seems like everything was perfect.

i felt like this guy already. suki. nice name. like something you can eat, something japanese. 1/4th here. didn't hold it though..

6am i think. i'd call that photo like that, if i had to give it a name.

or better this one. 6am. yes. they looked like 6am.

schef insisted on taking a photo of me. it was second last frame.. i was a bit too sloppy with winding up the film correctly.. so two negs didn't got fixed correctly.. it happens.


Edmunds Kalnins said...

suki - nice name ... In Russian it means bitches :)

Although the sign in the van says something more like shuki, which is probably in Czech or Polish. No idea what it means though.

kamandir said...

In polish we also say and write "suki". :)

Josh said...

When you use the 50 summi is it always the DR version?

smkblog said...

i've got only one 50/2 summicron. you can swtich from close area 0,45m - 0,95m and 1m - infinity, if that was what you meant.

you suki you ! ;)

Adam said...

when you process your film, do you use wetting agent? i dont really think i need to, but doesnt hurt to ask

smkblog said...


beside dev, stop and fix, i use hypoclean and wettingagent, a filmgripper and a film-dryer.

and yes, you all need that for good negs, especialy the wettingagent and the gripper !

hypo just helps you getting the film clean faster and the dryer just drys the film in 10min and helps avoid collecting dust on the film too.

chris Weeks said...

the first two shots are fucking great!

hope you're well, austrian bitch!

Adam said...

sev, a few things:

1) people from villach? :) what's special about people from villach, except they do ski jumping? ;) btw, Malysz has beaten Morgi again.

2) phil collins? at this grill bar? ;)

3) snooker photo. damn you. how the hell did you meter that one? or did you just chose some speed that you knew would work ok? and it's all trix... damn. recently tried snooker with hp5+2 - somethings wrong - visibly more grain and fucked up contrast. i have to develop it myself, according to your guidelines. gosh i wish i could buy trix easily here. only one guy (and zero shops) sell it in my city, and he does it from his apartment. ok, whining mode off.

4) suki. haha. yeah, sounds japanese. but try to say it to some polish girls. baaaaaad idea. cuz it means 'bitches'. and 'bitch' in english and 'bitch' in polish makes a difference. in polish it sounds more cruel, offensive. you won't even say that to anyone as a joke. unless you're a retard.

Adam said...

ermm... film dryer? hypoclean? damn... any details? i don't know what's hypoclean. sorry :( and film dryer... i believe i haven't yet seen one. but yeah, that's a damn fine idea.

Anonymous said...

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