Sunday, February 04, 2007

i don't know what it was.. but i had to capture it.

bern and i went to some place where some people made something like party.

28-ultron with intentional frontfocus.. you know, most lenses seem to have focusing problems nowadays...

some hipshot

we had some currywurst.. yum

she was cool. some kids quite seem to have lots of self esteem.

i've seen these two from far distance and decided to run for a shot, before the traffic light turned green.

this is almost a hipshot.. i was guessing focus and quickly took the photo without focusing.. and it is spot on, even on her eyes behind the glasses.. awesome ;)

one more of these

at the party.. where a bottle of vodka turned out to be my greatest enemy...

party.. puking... party again. yay.


James Kelly said...

awesome party vibes, party puking party - rock n roll combination!

Suzan said...

"i don't know what it was.. but i had to capture it." - I like that.

That photo of the guy coming through the door; you made that while still hugging the toilet?! :D So badass.

lazybloke said...

The first shot is so damn hot.

Josh (GFXPunk) said...

Rofl my waffle. Either you can't stay away or you have an impersonator.

I still think you'll like this

Kalyn said...

I came across your photographs a few years ago and really loved them-- somehow I stumbled across them again!

Excellent eye.