Wednesday, January 17, 2007

two nights ago. the germans,der alte schwede and i went for a few drinks.. well almost 15 beer and exact 50x 2cl rum. the result was destruction.. i ate mud, because i couldn't walk anymore.. my M also smashed hard on the street.. i thought that's the end of my camera and lens.

well what can i say.. the first test photos show correct focus and nothing unusual except that the aperture is a bit lose but i think it won't affect the photos (i hope)..
it seems like neither the lens nor the body got harmed too much. i just have to let parallel focus adjust, it moved slightly because of the smash. it's quite incredible to me what this lens has survived yet. it once fell from 1,5meter on the ground and hit a hole in a PAVING TILE.. and worked normal afterwards.

i must say, i can't really complain about leica.. but there is a whole lot of luck too i'm sure.

checking the new opeth album.. i like but she doesn't.

too late..

i was quite impressed by this accurate parking of a "car".

"bodyguard" says his hat.

i quite like this corner of vienna. pamela is looking odd there.

no, this is not a light painting..

chris, look what i found. tell me how many you wanna order:

if right said fred was a dog, what would it look like ?

this lovely person sneezed on a mans face and offered him to remove the content with his thumb he drooled on first.. i wish i had a 21mm or something to be able to capture it better.. still a weird moment.

another "freak".. he screamed a bit and mumbled about killing someone.. whatever.

we went to eat. asian stuff. cheap but good, i mean really cheap and still good.

there are so many people that come to my mind when it comes to who i should dedicate this photo:

new haircut again and new shirt.. starmania-like ;)

tobi trying to touch his brain.

pure bokeh madness.

these germans. always can't wait to see the wiener prater.. nothing to be proud of unfortunately, but we enjoyed still enjoyed it as much as it has been possible.

that's max. the one you could talk about the definition of art for hours, beware !!

oh and the other one, the one who likes to stick his head in every hole up here, is philip, spoonman.

mac-d always a good choice.

funny people eat there.

i felt like colour again. superia200 supermarket film.. and still rocks my world.

a "fallen angel"

"the man of the year" sorrounded by the ladies of the year. imagine it the other way round, i bet you can't.

public cat walk

i couldn't resist that face..

public "kiddy" cat walk..

last frame. woman on the phone sitting in the "first bus shelter for children".


Åsmund said...

hi there.

Opeth is absolutely great, I've seen them live twice now. Åkerfeldt is so good. Ghost reveries is a year old now, though, so hardly a new album ;) Or maybe you meant the special edition.

well, it doesnt matter.

Anyway, funny photos!


flipo said...

Will buy some xtol and develop the "morgenstern" roll tomorrow ;)

artis said...

glad to see your photos again!!

Anonymous said...

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Good Bye!

basti said...

Just "a few drinks.." ;).
Wondering if the night was harder for you or your Leica. Glad your cam survived, so you can keep shooting wonderful pictures of life!

Cheers, Basti

luke Neher said...

Dude, leica story is cringe worthy, glad it's okay. See, i just got my m6 a couple of days ago, i still think that it's my baby and must be protected at all costs.
Also, how do you know all these m/street shooters?

Kira said...

that leica of yours must love you as much as you love "her" you lucky lucky guy.

and on some other note:
Miriam's hairdresser is doing a damn
fine job!:) *a bit jelous*

Ryan Marr said...

very clever!

Noons said...

"black sensitive"?


what will those idiots think of next?

great stuff as usual. have fun.

bring on the mud kissing! the morning after cure is sausage and scrambled eggs with lots of acidic orange juice and sweet, strong black coffee! Hmmmmmmmmm, memories......

jiwaki said...

finally back posting! lucky crasher...
the eating family is fantastic! i'd write a play just from that image.

Anonymous said...

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Suzan said...

Ah, great to see a "regular" update again. Always love how you mix personal and street stuff. Still enjoying it :)

Anonymous said...

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