Monday, November 27, 2006

been to germany over the weekend.. visited this wonderful lady on the back of the car here:

won't break chronology though.. so, i'm starting with some random photos i took before the trip, in vienna.

trix, normal.

1/30th panning shot. it can't always be perfect.. still good enough i think.

i wished i had a trix+3 or somerthing similar for this shot, but i only had the 400 one, already shot a few frames.. so i went with 400iso here. 1 second exposure time.. couldn't believe my eyes when i scanned it... handheld.. who the fuck needs IS ?? shoot M ;)

8h trip to germany, by train.. it's horrible.. here the olfactory train-toilet-mirror self shot. i'm very flattered by the tones for a trix+3 here though.

one more a rangefinder was the only useful tool for this photo. i never could have focused with a slr here i also doubt any AF would have focused correctly here. shot through a "dotted" glas.. funny that you haven't seen as much detail with your eyes than on the photo because f2.0 blurred the glas-print structure. exposure was more guessed here, since the camera metered on the white surface and would have totally underexposed it.

i'm curious what this looks like on paper !

so miriam and i have been to a concert. many DJs (electro shit) and deichkind as main gig.. they had water toilets, amazing !

the music was crap imo, but some people still were partying.. btw: she's looking straight in my camera.. i'm a lucky bastard this time, since shooting 1/8th in the mosh pit is kinda.. yeah

well.. FINALLY... after hours, they started to play. "krawall und remmi demmi" in a picture here:

(i jumped with the crowd and took this one at 1/8th, panning deluxe i'd say :D )

decided to leave the mosh pit. wasn't such a great concert for me.. so i started walking a round and shoot a few frames.

some staff making fun of other staff..

the "official" photographer.. with his dslr climbed up the construction.. maybe he had a nice view

but i doubt he has a photo like that, ready to be printed on real photo paper ;)

found my first victim for a shot. seemd like relationship problems or something.

took one of these. i knew it was blurry.. but then again, i didn't want to take another one for the sake of shooting these two "main subjects" of most photographers around.. kinda boring.

more motif seeking.. the holy 1/8th here once again. the typical "i'm writing an important message with my fancy cell phone" pose:

some people decided to rest a little.. in sweaty smoky air and 150dB sound.. hmm.. very calm it was !

some decided to sleep a little..

in all kind of poses..

did i mention their great air condition ?

miriam after the concert :D.. glad i was shooting and not in there between topless homer simpsons.

back in vienna again.. back to business. trix+3

random shot.

it's winter. time of alcohol. met an old bud again. we took the opportunity and visited one bar after another to waste many bucks on alcohol.. like i said, back to business.

we've been the last ones there, as you can see..

how very retarded:

next bar. next beer.

they served lots of vodka. he went to the bar and fridge like a pendlum clock.. and the vodka got emptier and emptier

she was busy for hours, writing a text message..

other "guests" enjoyed their stay too

well we had to leave again. to the last bar that had opened till 5am on sunday. at a wurstel stand, a lady showed us a map with all bars around the corner and their opening times.. that was nice.. so we found another one and had another drink there.

stumbled across this paint tub..

seemed like it had learned to fly !

the other night. on the way to the darkroom.. wasting the last frames

kinda funny. this car and the other one with the paint.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just some recent scan material..

this one was 1 second, 3200is, f2.0.. that's dark :D

met him at 6am in the bus. drunk as shit.. hah.

he's being responsible for a lot of alcohol consume in the last years:

see !

the last three are berns creations: