Monday, July 31, 2006

just scanned my latest rolls. 2x across100 (my new love) and trix400.

across is such a nice film with high dynamic range, details in the highlights and shadows, nice contrast in general...
i was shooting this film for the first time, so it was a kind of test and i am very pleased.. now i need to print some, to be able to judge it on paper, which is the most important of course.. but scanned, it looks really good.

two friends, aurelio and sander from netherlands have been here for a couple of days. we had some fun and i mean fun on a primitive but good level ;)

they came by hitch hiking, like ezra and charlotte back in mai..

left is sander and right aurelio.

bernhard and i showed them how to have real fun, on the mens toilet.. seriously, i have no idea why we all together went there.. funny enough to take photos right !?

some guy joined our little party.. bet he was confused.. i mean.. i would have been too.. don't remember what we talked, i think bernhard exchanged a few words

meanwhile aurelio took his first photo with a leica, bernhards..

exactly while i took one. and i mean exactly !

aurelio asked me where he'll find the photos i took while they were in vienna.. more here:

miriam had more fun there though ;)

more of the "primitive" fun :P i asked him to lay down as dead. he did a good job, didn't he ?! ;)

though. chilling was what we could do best.

yes it was hot.. but no heat on this earth would bring me in there... a few moments later a security asked them to get out of the water.

the next thing i'm going to buy miriam is a new pair of shoes, she tends to lose them or something :O

it hasn't been the first time..

these two fellas defined the word "chil" new i think.. gotta love the 24mm here

more of the across(100asa), some less good lightning situations, where the film surprised me positively

f2.0 + 1/15th

f2.0 + 1'

more from that roll:

ps: yes, 24mm ;)

now to other stories. met this guy somewhere. he had this trophy. i wondered. but i didn't understand what he said.

later i crossed these american girls. playing some redicolous girly game.. you know that game where you have to clap each other in the same rythm.. my sister used to play it when she was 12.. these young ladies seemed to got stuck in that age.. oh well it was a pleasure to shoot them haha.

some other day i came across this bottle of nerd-wine, don't know if it was red or white..


and she is evil. another evening started

bernhard looking good with the M

in the pub, we all got new hairstyles.. you know this one allready:
that's the evil skull lady, who gave him the new hairstyle

and last but not least the M6!! need to print this one though

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

time to say good bye i guess. good bye to devinatart.. it's a waste of time to struggle against some narrow minded admins and a generally fucked policy. the site actually had some bad influence on my work too in the end. all you get is praise and stereotype bullshit.. your general amount of favourits.. and no, really no critique at all that helped. so why stay there.. i would also say that the quality of art on DA is very low.. because nobody cares. so in short, i dedicated this photo to deviantart:

but, actually, i'm leaving with a smile..

had to shoot a in camping areas for vienna tourism useage:

the owner of the van was from manchester.. he and his gf traveled around in europe for the last 4 month.. i wonder why they had no camera with them !

ps: it's getting hot in here.. so.. what would nelly say?

one of the best places to be is the MQ.. linus and i were chilling there.. at night it is even better !

right ! that's a bessa with 40/1.4 nokton, his babe, lying there in between us.. that day i sold him 10 agfa ultra rolls... i have plenty of them, anyone intrested in pruchasing ? ;)

ps you can start your bets on my used M6, planing to get a new one.. here is the ebay: M6@ebay

i'm also selling that nikkor 300/2.8 AF lens now.. also at ebay.

i've been printing in the darkroom again lately... the hardcore session was from 8pm till 6am a few days ago, i don't have them scanned yet, some are too large for scans too.. did many RCs and a few fibers too.. it has had 31 degrees in the darkroom that night.. i tell you it was hardcore.. but it payed off... i did some of my best prints.. one is for chris (but *shh!* ;))

ps: don't expect many digital photos in the next days, MKII+70-200is and macro lens got stolen in the agency.. that fucker forgot the ring-flash... and the 24-70 was at my home.. so i saved it (haha)

here are some recent scans from my latest two films:

fuji astia 100 (E6) (3years expired) exposed at 80, olympus OM1, 24mm/2.0:

ps: homer and linus were from that roll too.. also that pinky smile shot...

and now to a film i was curious about. got it from bernhard today.

agfa apx100. olympus OM1, 35/2:

actually took the closer one first... i saw her from behind already, set exposure and aperture and guessed the focus distance i'll have.. passed by turned, shot.. she did not realize me though, even if it was so obvious... after passing her, i turned around and saw her still like that... aurelio a friend of mine who was with me said if we could help her.. and i was just not sure what to do with her.. i usually ask people that seem to be lost, but she didn't seem to be lost, she seemed to be completely away...

this frame, i took right after the two of the woman, also 35/2 lens:

something for my bike-collection.. i saw it passing by in the tram and on my way home i walked, so that i can take a photo of it.. this time 24/2 lens:

this version is cropped though, the following isn't:

tribute to jamey trueblood once more ? possibly an austrian version... haha

the tram suddenly stopped right under a traffic light.. i haven't seen what has happened but it seemd fun that people couldn't cross the street:

the frame before was while i was still sitting.. (stood up for the shot of people waiting in front of the train)... i wonder, if you know "sudoku".. seems like every second plays it.

i was close to her, very close.. she heard the shutter of course.. well, many people think i'm a perv, just because i shoot on the street and in public areas... i can only give a shit, right !?

finally one of my recent fav photos, and my fav of this roll with the up-side-down bike and the old people.. surely one of my next prints:

Sunday, July 23, 2006

a new work is now added to my recent side project about imitating modern stereotype musicians and their styles.

the first one "bad shallot" owed to "good charlotte", was also posted on deviantart back when i was not banned..
(description can be found here: flickr - upload )

the new one is about a band called "tokio hotel", a newcomer rock(boy)band you can find on their lyrics are german. it could be because they haven't finished high school yet... but bill can't talk good german either.. so it's better this way
so here the newest addition:

the title is "hotel boy" since it is very related to the band "tokio hotel" but can be reflected on other bands or artists/stars in that genre and the general trend. what's quite characteristic about the band and especially the lied singer "bill" is that these young boys pretend to be mature on one hand and act like as if they were irresistable for girls and women.. but are just 16 in the end and it relfects a lot in their statements and interviews and in some of their lyrics too. so that was mainly the goal of this shot/inmitation.. i suggest a full view.

again, the photo and make up was made by MF

Saturday, July 22, 2006

been to a little party of an old friend of mine this night. was shooting till 11pm, just a small job.. on my way to the party i sat beside a quite dark (goth) couple. they talked about random stuff and she seemed rather drunk. they left at the same station and i stood behind them on the escalator.

the party itslef was nice. more one of the chil-weed ones. shoot a few pictures allthough i was damn tired, maybe something helped feeling so tired ;)

anyway.. there was this girl, kind of freaky... i took that photo of her and told her 10k people will see it tomorrow when i post it in the internet... she didn't believe me i guess... she didn't look like on the photo though, but she posed for me for a second, long enough for me to shoot.

that's ulli. she's a good old friend of mine. she has new hair and also now a new ear piercing. that's why the other girl sprays some alcohol or what the fuck ever on her ear.. it must itch or burn a little due to her expression....

even very stoned. i liked taking pictures of her.. not many turned out as i wanted. did i say i was stoned !?

she had some fun with a teddy..

this guy. very close friend of mine. was looking for the defintion of a meter, later. he found it in a lexicon and was amazed, since he is a mathematicnerd.... look it up, the definiton.. crazy shit

i always wondered why people like red bull... i don't want to imagine how the "sugarfree" tastes like...

left there something past 4am.. and passed this street.. called "canongasse" like canon street... thought i'd honor it with a photo, since the 1dsm2+50/1.4 did a good job again this night.

waiting for the bus at 4:30am ain't fun... she made a lovely subject though, if you ask me..

the time of the day offered some sleeping people of course... here my fav 3 of them...

felt asleep while waiting for the bus !?

this one is quite symbolic too .. ha !

did he "stop for a nap" ? lol

and the last one seemed funny to me, because he was sleeping on a bench in a beach volley ball area... so either he was there allready and decided to lay down there or he went in there to sleep... either way seems rather funny, since he doesn't look homeless... but hey, with 35°C it's all no problem

PS: that's what i'm gonna do now.. sleep ! 6:47am is my watch saying...

good start for a blog don't you think ? ;]