Wednesday, July 25, 2007

in the army. i'm still in the army. we are doing nothing, maybe the main reason why i don't feel any motivated to risk getting all sorts of stupid unnecessairy punishments for taking more or less meaningless photos of young austrian soldiers at doing nothing... it's also not that i feel any motivated to do streetshots atm.. since i haven't got the time and will nor the money to shoot like i have been doing for the last year/s.

i still kinda went for this one. colour this time. 400nc.

so no other photos from the army, sorry guys, nothing to shoot even if i was allowed..

went to eat real american burgers with nina. "uneatably big"

there was not enought light to shoot, but i had to capture this. chris please send over your noctilux soon ! ;)

it has been pretty damn hot lately. now it's "liveable" again.. but there were these days where dogs figuratively "melt" on the streets.

ingrid fabiola went to vienna for a day. the only photo i took that day, because i had the bessa with me.. the guessing game focus one.

still i somehow managed to add the correct distance on the focus with the bessa, 75% of the photos turned out useful, like the one below.

we went to this barbeque i posted photos of in the last entry already. here are the daylight ones.

it was sunday but we still had to buy some stuff for the barbeque, so we went to #1 adress (ironic) of all austrian supermarkets.. weird people there. really asks for some journalistic work about this special market at praterstern.

these two tried to smuggle lots of alcohol.

kinda like this moment. dunno why i took it though. geniousness ? instinct ? boredom ?

finally arrived. i like kodak 400nc.

moizait !

we did some fire. fire produces smoke. in combination with wind it can happen to make people disappear for a short moment. the word for it is "magic" i think.

i already posted the photos of the evening, remember the chili-snaps ?

so this is on the way home agian, straight to the barracks 5:20am, a few hour(s) of sleep some green and some liquid stuff in the bloodcells.. it's kinda masochistic.

now some more or less random stuff.

this photo makes me feel strange. last photo i've taken of her since almost 3 weeks now and i really like it, maybe personal and it was "just" a damn focus test.. i'm quite a geek.

what a lady

playing poker lately. that's what i call a looooooooooong street.. and i had the high end in my hands.... i really pissed my pants with that hand.. still a flush would have totally kicked my ass...

more focus test AND finishing film, two reasons to shoot photos without any motivation.. still i like it, somehow one of a very few photos of sebastian looking like a human being ! ;)

didn't tell you that i went to the wolfgang lake the last two weekends, did i ? well i went there and it was totally worth it, especially in contrast to the army life.... damn it.

first impression on the way to the house. this t-shirt. it was haning there for weeks. it says "my father is the only world champion" what ever...

first night we just "went out" downtown.. to eat. we had a stolichnaya with us or half of it mixed with water... didn't make it taste any better ;X

at the table. thought this would look nice in bw.

the toilets where full of posters. kinda strange, since i don't go to the toilett to masturbate usually.

i kinda used the opportunity to be on a photo with two hot models. felt like one of the great nude photographers on DA or for a moment.

didn't document the rest of the night, since i was too tired or drunk or both, dunno.

i reallllly loved the view from the proch... awesome so to say.

something really random.

went to the beach later that day. fuji superia 200 in combination with ND8 filter. makes nice aesthetics. she was doing some sketches. nice times.

we made fire later to have some barbeque.

martin calling. he joined us later. taff guy.

intresting how different the same scene can look like depending on the light.

time to switch film.

didn't take photos of the barbeque, since i concentrated on eating damn flesh and cheese and other sinful material.

martin brought a so called "buffalo gras" vodka from vienna. we emptied it in about 15-20min.

this somehow influenced our brains.

the girls came up with the idea to put on some cosmetic masks. martin wasn't reprieved.

look at their devilish joy in their facial expressions.

he reminds me of the mummy.

i was their next victim. i got "masked" against my will. reminded me of the combat trainings in the army. at least these masks were cooling.

i was curious what it looked like, so i went to the bathroom to shoot some new "ID".

thought a little family photo shouldn't miss.

lisa behind stuff.

we went downtown later with the rest of the stolichnaya about half of it.. i think it didn't last 500m and another vodka was vanished. i didn't take the camera with me. we went to a bar. i had several drinks i think. it was fun. then i had some black out. (add your story here)

blackout ends here:

another emptied 40% eastern european stuff. must have been 4-5am already. we did a good job.

i think she couldn't believe it either.

franka feeling it.

martin too.

somehow martin realized his current state and probably felt that photos in this situation could be used in an extorting way when he'll be famous in a few years.

i still don't fully understand this scene but i like the atmosphere of the photo.

we went outside. it was daylight again.

we got more drunk.

and i still kept taking these harmful photos.

maybe the photos were also physicaly harmful... "she fell"

that's how she went to sleep. i love it :D

that's how he went to sleep.

some still lifes of the left overs.

some hours later they got up. we all felt like zombies.

so we went to the beach

martin wanted to take a picture of me. i took ages.. but at least he captured this rather unusual moment :D

we still felt like dead, even after having a pizza. but it was really chilling

he still couldn't belive what we have had drunken these days and nights.

thomas joined. friend of lisa. nice guy.

photos from the second weekend at lake wolfgang will follow in the next blog.

back in vienna.
of course i felt like going out again... BIG mistake.

drinking until the early morning hours when you have to get up at 5:30am on the next day and go to the barracks is never a good idea... but it seems like i never get any sanely, it's not that this was the first and last time.

bernhard showing off with his new toaster. like a little boy with his christmas present. kinda cute.

schef had to taste it.

he was content for the whole night.