Tuesday, March 27, 2007

starting with a pretty cute girl that was about to decide between two different rollei cameras. neat cameras by the way.. especially for 20€.

lorant bought himslef a strap.. that was a bit short.. wasted money :D

this dude seemed intresting for a photo.

some people just don't know that they are standing somewhere "photogenic". it's just funny that he'll never know that he was responsible for a nice streetshot.

on thursday, i had a shoot for a .. i dunno if i can say it.. well.. i just shot 4 models on a trampoline.. their styles have changed in between.. they sometimes looked ridiculous.. so i took a photo for my family album.

that's in about what they look like, only that they'll remove the background and replace it with the sky.. all kind of cloudy ones. will show the endresults when they have them.

i made one for myself too:

verena looking outside.

mr.kerian aka sebastian.. right after i told him a funny story of my life.

sebastian gave me that roll of neopan1600, which i shot starting with him up there.

the weather was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. 3degrees and rain.. 2 days long. it was 4:30am i think.

two poor guys sitting in the cold.. the one was shivering pretty badly from time to time.

"hello, this is chalk, found it!"

neopan1600 in all it's glory. on my print list !

mriam and orange juice.

miriam getting tired ?

a very coooool guy...

a gig photo. i don't like gig photos very often.. this one is just funny since it was 5.6 and half a second.. i have captured some flash of the stage and even intended it.. ha.

after the gig.. he soon is a star !!!!

two men being male !

home again. trix@2000 starting here.

lorant showing off his very kewl lighter !

lorant thinking of my cock size.

a dead mouse in the rain. f2 1/8th 2000iso.. pretty dark. shoud look nice on paper.

at least the rain made a nice atmosphere

D and GGGGGGGGGG ... stupid !!

seek the focus ;)

a classic. ain't it ?

lorant and the baguette.. a very hot one.

and we went to the zipp.. 3rd bar already that evening... and people got more drunk the later it was.. including ourselfs.

4th and last location. WIRR. a queer party going on. met someone who didn't recognize me anymore.. that's always funny.. especially when you have known him for years almost.. drugs, yeah. bad things.

5am. pretty boozed. still hipshots worked out.. wackel !?

that's how the evening ended. two börkes (some turkish thing to eat) at 5:30am.. or 6 ? i dunno exaclty.. i just knew this is going to be a nice photo

and this too !

wheater changed again.. thank the lord !

ran out of plusx. so here is some fuji acros 100. fine fine grain.. great contrast, pretty good tones.. but plusx has better tones. i prefer apx100 and plusx to acros. maybe for architecture it's a good choice.

"take 2 pay one" mabye they do this all the time, with their suits, shoes and hair-dressers ??

HITLER stay out ! funny picture of hitler !

big canvas. big art ?

little boy sitting on a trash can playing gameboy outside the darkroom. inside the darkroom his daddy hard working on his very first prints. both were busy with their "games" ;)

cafe sperl. always good for a shot.

old vienniese lady. dedicated to bernhard, because these make him horny.

a funky cab. a funky fuji contrast.

exposed on the highlights.. funny.

sometimes i'm REALLY glad that i'm not 15 anymore.

last frame.. sun set already.. 100iso. i had to finish. hipshot f2.0 1/45th.. i like it.