Friday, December 29, 2006

hello all.
it's been a while. well guess what. it was christmas. say hello to me and my sisters present. i'm the kind of candies.

on the 23rd i was buying some food for a dinner. i came across this car. a lovely old mercedes, in red, with red leather seats and everything you need. some sort of early christmas present. i hope you're insuranced mister, or miss ?

a mother left her baby, well not really, just went inside a tobacconist for a short moment. i could hear her telling the baby, she's going to be back in a moment. this could have been the start of a christmas - drama film, you know, but movies and the real world aren't often the same..

i took my time to take a photo of the baby, holding this letter. i liked this moment. children are such patient models.

this lady was having a phone call in the tram. some people avoid having a chat on the cellphone in public areas that are more or less silent. others do the opposite, like her. it seemed like she was talking to her granddaughter. it was obvious that they had an argument. you always heard her saying "oh nicolette, nicolettchen".. the dog somehow looked so pissed, it made me chuckle.

i'm really using the 50mm for some shots. it's good to have one.

order cheap strong alcohol. like rum. sugar and coffe (beans). first chew the beans, then the sugar, drink the alcohol (rum is best) and continue chewing the beans and sugar. we call it "cocks".. it's a quick way to "warm up".

loving the new possibility for close focus with the 50/2 DR summi.

she's back in vienna. for 3 weeks.

like always. i was meeting family again at christmas. more than once. parents are divorced, so are grandparents. i often "celebrate" christmas 3 times or more.

it's still a deja vu every year.

my grandpa. he's freaky. but funny.

my sister. she's got some sticker on her skin that works like the pill. it's better to remove them quickly to avoid small pain. seems like my sister didn't know that ;)

the family photo. i shot on 3200 asa f2.0 and cought the flash of my grandfathers camera who took the photo at the same moment.. kinda "flashy" ;)

the other family. my fathers.

they have a dog. who eats some cheese from time to time..

and here we are again in our usual pub.

we got seriously drunk.. i think the last photo represents the evening best.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

been to graz with my class a while ago. it's the second biggest city in austria. if you can call that "big".

it was the last day i remember when the sun was shining.

as always, matthias was obsessed with photos of our class.. well, i'm not different, ain't i ;)

peter dressler, the featured artist of the gallery "camera austria" was talking about his work and life. he is a really awesome character. one of the good vienniese ones ;)

i always wondered why the "kunsthaus" graz has so many toilets, but it's better than having too few.

and their washroom is huge too ! ;)

anatoli. soon a leica owner.. and it's all my fault ;)

caroline discovered some, how to say, personal funny photos on her 350d.. i think we all know that situation ;)

she didn't show us.. unfortunately :P

i don't take photos of artworks usually.. but this one, i just couldn't resist.. i just want to know what it looks like on a print.. won't make it public though and if, i'll have to give credit.

sometimes, the only reason for a photo is a situation and here it is just a black and white situation.

discussing with our professor about the concept of modern art, now you can imagine how far this can go. i love the architecture of this building (kunsthaus graz) it is INCREDIBLE.. i tell you.

i had to stop here. i love having a closer look on these photo-studios at the corner. it feels like browsing DA's artistic nude or classic portrait... :D

back home. testing the 50/2 for a portrait. i think it's very useful for spontanious portraits. i'm more satisfied than expected with that lens. i've planned to sell it again before i bought it for a good price, but now i will keep it.

something technical. i must say, i'm very impressed of the tonal range of a trix pushed 3!! steps. there was much contrast difference in this frame but the film managed to keep it all together even pushed so much ! this film is just ace !

the new 50/2 is very useful for still lifes, because of the new closer focus possibility.

have a closer look! the baby above is checking me out ;) that's one of my current fav photos i must say.

just like this one:

he smiled after i took the photo. i should have captured his smile too.. shooting with 28/1.9 here, testing it for linus who bought one just a few days ago.

50/2. it's charming.

look at it. that's the last photo of this camera. he is now a M-user. congratulations, well.. i knew it from the start ;)

28/1.9 again:


a friend and i went to school after 3 years again. was fun to meet old teachers again.. damn how i do NOT miss high school.

the mentioned friend. i told him a story of one of our former class mates, who made a salto.. or just tried and failed and lost some teeth... well that's his reaction, the only fitting reaction:

this clock has been there for years. it's quite popular, since it's close to my former high school.. everyone knows it. someone should frame it, before they rebuild the pavement ;)

a lady, getting a phone call, in all between her shopping. hipshot.

people trying to get your money for WWF.

please give me your money, please !

last shot with linus 28/1.9. this is a test of possibilities. 0.7m minimal focus distance, f1.9, 28mm, trix 1/60th. this lens does a very good job for it's price.