Thursday, July 24, 2008

starting with my random folder june for digitals.

visiting tanja in her flat. she loves to be photographed ! ;)

after a match, don't exactly remember which, kati got herself a veggie-kebap.. some late night snack

another night after shooting for the graffiti project. i think it was russia - sweden.

the white dot got our attention

toilets in the WUK.

visiting my father. caprese deluxe style !

24mil-hipshot.. turned out kinda cute

watching italy - spain

my father really believed in italy ;)

starting with the b/w rolls.

i was reading some discussion about streetphotography on or is it com ?

the title was "is streetphotography dead" or something.. my blog was mentioned to prove the opposite, cheers for that ! so i think it's time again to feature some of the
not-dead-yet-photography !

the dark dots appeared because i didn't realize there was no stop-bath anymore during the development.. plusx seems to need more than water in between the developer and fix.. kinda sux, because it will be on the print.. well shit happens, even after hundreds of times developing films.

at my favourite italian restaurant.

katrin was checking my glasses.. well, i don't think they fit. she doesn't think they fit me either.. haha, seems like i wasted 200 euros...

when i think back, the euro feels like a dream for me.. maybe a personal thing.. but it went all quick and there was no time to think about the event, the photos, relation ships, a lot of work, not much sleep.. and all that.. now weeks later, looking at the photos, it feels like it has never happened in reality

talking about serious things never made me quit taking photos, especially when the light was that nice. efke25 btw.

looking for tv-coverage. we live in the 21th century.. but some things never developed !

oh the sunny days. unlike the last 2 weeks full of rain and clouds.

very simple message.. kinda weird. when i'm not able to think about something like this message, i just capture it, so that i have time to think about it later. i still don't understand the
meaning behind this, if there is any.

a motif for a 25asa film i thought.

something about the euro..

the devils car got kidnapped !

this guy knows how it works !

veit at the project

turkish girls before the match against croatia, singing "tyrkie" and jumping in rhythm

claudia with flowers

yppenplatz. sun reflecting from a window

girl playing with a matchbox car.

a tuhrkish advert for women wear. some things don't need to be discussed.

guy with dollarsign-hood.

view on a church from 16th district.

turkish television.

mother and son at the graffiti project.

croatian boy drinking juice.

fans on the street

turkish market area

lorant being exhausted, in the train to a marriage we were photographing. we got the train just "in time" ;)

the only shot i took with the leica. more at the blog.

going back

back in vienna. monk checking the trains

at the garbage bins.

"art is war" sounds .. silly. well they look silly.

getting some icecream. first streetshot i was somewhat content with again after a while

good for him it's summer.

random photo after russia won against netherlands

random photo i like. trix with nd filter

probably my favourite advert for streetshots during the em. "live the emotion". i used it for the germans when they lost the final.

some deix guy.

one of my latest fav streetshots. something that motivates me for printing again.

i was always wondering about what kind of man is reading the "mens health" magazine...

he seems to read different "mags".

a photo for alice schwarzer.

i once put my brand new shoes in a cloth-collecting-box for chairty and went home barefoot. i was bloody drunk though.


my father, doing some typical gesture.


black-white cat lost ! i probably took the only real b/w photo of it !

intresting way of sleeping

miriam trying herself in interior design

this guy still fascinated me

nina, not hiding with her rayban.

trying to make the batman face. i've read the new one should be good, is it true ?

it's a he. she doens't have a name yet though. florian would be funny. hoffe du liest das und findest es auch lustig HA-HA.

back to the turks.

at the "la salvia"

at the market. people throwing food straight in the bin. "space for new things" written in the back.

"the highlanders bride" and "the vikings concubine" two must-haves !

back to alice schwarzer.

back to my father. after 22 years of disaster, my father managed to empty the cellar and the balcony-room. i helped. so we could finaly eat on the balcony again.

R.I.P "Rumpelkammer"

back to the streetshots. to bad i'm listed as a judge here i'd rather participate ;) .. i hope you send in some quality, the camera is worth it !

the advert is saying "guck guck!" meaning "peep-bo!" loving the little details here.

lady with a useless
shitting styling object.

talking about the weltuntergang and such.

hope my shots are motivating for the contest ;) one more classic

here is another one. vienna meets paris.

back to vienna ;)

train to salzburg.

trainstation salzburg.

some hobby-soldier.

train back to vienna. i was "chimping" on my 5D when i saw her typing with the apple in her mouth. couldn't resist.

almost arrived.. i decided to walk around.

piss.. and take the obligatory self in the train.

back in vienna. after the parade. still with the 24 ts/e.

mary poppins at the atm. right before the storm.

after some weiße spritzer.. changing location. getting some glimmstängel.

"praying for acception" may sound silly. never said i was native !

morgenstern barbecue. the following photos seem strange to me.

obviously a decisive moment !

ingo wondering about his dirty hands.

raffi laughing about lorant being a crackhead.

some guy spitting fire.

sophia in their new flat.

we were playing the game where you have to get to know who you
are, well who the person or thing is on your head.

so here we have hillary clinton !

bernd das brot and yoda from starwars.

later schef was ötzi which was rather tricky to guess... :D

family portrait.

we were going to the cinema. watching "paris".

germans eat popcorn with sugar. something i find absolutely wrong.. but the funny thing is, in austria they don't offer sweet popcorn in cinemas.

we were going to get some drinks for the movie.. when miriam stumbled across this package of sweet popcorn.. we both didn't expect to find that in a tiny subway-supermarked.

now thats a face of joy !

boy with roses. take a random photo of people in the underground, it never will be boring as long as you dare to shoot.

after the movie. i'd rate 7/10.. i was waiting for miriam.

back from the toilet.

walking home.

wasting the last frame of the trix.

the next day. first sunny day after a week or longer. mother with two daugthers taking the bus to a public swimming pool.

we took the bus to a more silent place.

having a picnic.

haha.. what a silly moment.

there were lamas too! they came out of nowhere.

going back downtown.. we sadly met some vienniese redneck people in the train filming their utter stupidity..

waiting for the subway. it's not only underground ;)

taking a picture of the last sunrays, knowing there won't be many in the next days. this july is like april or worse.

i'd love to have this kind of watch at home.

punk is not dead. same for streetphotography, b/w films and rangefinders !

what's left of the euro.

cute puppy !

another must have photo i thought.

posh lady checking the sky. hope she's got her
all-weather taft !

lady reading newspaper with glasses in her mouth.

someone missunderstood soemthing.

this is what the weather is like most of the time